Listener Announcers

All kinds of crucially important info for all UCAP Listeners. Not really.
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Listener Announcers

Postby jackhodgson » Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:26 am

One of the things that's come out of the Listener Survey is how repetitive the end-of-episode bios are.

I know they are, but I'm not gonna end them, cause not everyone listens to every ep, and the visitors to the virtual hangar deserve a little plug.

But I'm not averse to making them a little less the same every week.

So, I'm inviting listeners to be the voice of the bios.

If you're interested, record the following.

"Jeb Burnside is a freelance aviation writer and editor, serving as the
editor in chief, of "Aviation Safety Magazine". Jeb, where can people
find you on the net?"

"Dave Higdon is an Aviation Photographer, an aviation journalist, and the
U.S. Editor for London's "World Aircraft Sales" magazine. Dave, where can
people find you on the net?"

"Jack Hodgson is a private pilot, freelance writer and new-media
producer. Jack, where can people find you on the net?"

Also include one for yourself. Something like:

"Hi I'm John Doe from Winston-Salem North Carolina. I fly a Cessna 182 out of
Little Grass Strip, and my website is:"

Email the audio file(s) to

I don't plan on using the same ones every episode, but I'd like to put a little
variety into the thing.


// Jack

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