Introducing UCAP Echo

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Introducing UCAP Echo

Postby jackhodgson » Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:28 am

Announcing "UCAP Echo" General Aviation's Online Media Channel.

Oshkosh, July 23, 2012 -- We're very excited to announce today a major new part of the UCAP family.

For some time now we've had a problem. We've done almost 300 episodes in our six years. Some of the things we've talked about in those episodes were only relevant at the time. But a lot of them are timeless, and we think they're still interesting.

The problem is, because these old eps are all 60-90 minute long, we don't really expect listeners to wade through them in order to find the good stuff.

So today we're announcing, and launching, a new web application called "UCAP Echo".

You can find UCAP Echo at

UCAP Echo is a searchable, browsable, sharable, archive of all the good stuff from UCAP's past. You can surf through the UCAP archive by: most popular clips, most highly rated, by keywords, and by search. You can also leave comments, and share the clips on your own site, just like you do with other major media services.

UCAP Echo is designed to work not only in all major desktop and laptop web browsers. But also on iPads, and iPhone & Android smartphones. Any device that supports HTML5 should run UCAP Echo just fine. It’s 100% web-based, you don’t need to download anything, just point your browser at the URL.

UCAP Echo is being launched as "beta". We acknowledge that it's still pretty crude, and not all the features are implemented. But we wanted to get it out there, so that our listeners can help us to evolve it into the best aviation media site on the net.

There are currently about 50 clips in UCAP Echo. That’s not many. And they’re mostly from our first 25 episodes. But we're gonna be steadily adding new clips, and other content, almost every day. We estimate that from the first six years of UCAP we will yield almost 1000 interesting and fun clips.

Also, Echo is not just a showcase for UCAP's past. We'll also be adding new original material, and content from other aviation podcasters and media producers.

Starting today UCAP Echo also includes clips from the new "Aviation Story" podcast, and we're thrilled to say, from Stephen Force’s legendary "Airspeed" podcast. And we expect to announce more content partners in the near future.

So please check out UCAP Echo. We're very excited about its potential.

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Re: Introducing UCAP Echo

Postby toffer99 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:11 am

That's going to be really useful, Jack. Your handiwork I assume? Good job and thanks.

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Re: Introducing UCAP Echo

Postby SnotRocket » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:47 pm

Bravo! You guys are on to something with this. You are to be further commended for including other shows in the project. Well done!


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