How to make a Podcast?

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How to make a Podcast?

Postby MNpilot1994 » Sat May 04, 2013 1:30 pm

Hey Jack, Jeb, Dave, and other UCAP listeners,
I am about to start college and I will be doing lots of flight training (some where in the $110,000 range). I plan on studying EVERYTHING, i.e. Commercial Aviation, ATC, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. I would like to possibly start my own small podcast (on a college student budget of course) on collegiate Part 141 flight training and the planes I will be flying in. I would like to get your advice on such a podcast and how I would be able to create it and get it out to the world. Please feel free to email me at just make sure to have "Podcast" in the subject line to ensure it doesn't go to my Spam.


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