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Content Suggestion

Postby Punky » Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:33 pm

Hey Guys.
It's really illuminating when you talk about various "flight gear". How about continuing the tradition?
For Example, when Jeb spoke about his tablet computer for holding approach plates - that was pretty cool.
How about picking one topic to discuss on each episode. Of course the the variety of equipment out there - you can't cover all the options - but even just touching on general subjects and the ones you've used would be great. Suggested topics :

- Autopilots (S-Tec, Piper, Century, etc.)
- GPS (panel)
- GPS (hand held)
- Head sets
- Flight bags
- Portable radios
- Primary flight instruments like Aspen Avionics for example
- Glass cockpit panels (Garmin, Avidyne, etc.)
- Audio panels

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