Growing the UCAP -suggestions

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Growing the UCAP -suggestions

Postby Bruce.McCaskey » Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:35 pm

Someday you folks may get big enough to warrant sponsorship and ads and so on. I would not mind at all if you had a few ads now and then along the lines of what Paul Harvey does, or Roy Beisswenger at

Roy only talks about UL and LSA but I would think UCAP would have an even larger potential audience.

I see some upside potential for your show that would justify sponsorship, and wonder how others feel about ads. I think you deserve something for your efforts.

A suggestion for the UCAP gang: if you ask your listeners to pop a FRAPPR pin during every show, you will accumulate audience numbers to show potential advertisers, so if you decide to take that route eventually, you'll already have the foundation laid. You might also want to track how many times a show is downloaded from a unique URL.

You might consider posting a free ad on



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