Craig in Virginia, "Grand Prix style glider racing"

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Craig in Virginia, "Grand Prix style glider racing"

Postby jackhodgson » Sun Dec 23, 2007 12:58 pm

From: Craig in Virginia
Subject: Grand Prix style glider (sailplane) racing, Live, from the cockpit
Date: December 20, 2007 4:32:26 PM EST

Hello UCAP Gang,

Jeb and Dave mentioned competitive soaring (sailplane racing) in an
old episode and how it is a shame that it isn't more of a spectator

Well, some people are working to change that, and I thought that it
might be timely to mention to your audience that the FAI World Grand
Prix Gliding Championship 2007 is currently underway (December 18-24,
2007) in New Zealand. They are using advanced sports animation,
aerial cameras, and cockpit cams to bring live high-resolution video
streams to the audience via the internet, television, and big screens
on site. The format really brings this form of aviation alive,
reveals the intense competition and graceful beauty of these
high-performance composite aircraft, and puts on display some truly
spectacular racing scenes in the mountains. Next year they plan to
host a GP qualifying event in Minden, Nevada, USA.

I hold a PPL with SEL and Glider ratings and have been listening to
UCAP for a few weeks during my commute; catching up on the older
episodes interleaved with the new episodes. Very enjoyable and often
educational. Keep them coming!

Happy Holidays,

Craig in Virginia

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