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GA Success Story

Postby RigaRunner » Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:03 pm

Jack, Dave, and especially Jeb (who used to be nearby at HEF),

I just want to call your attention to the recent news story about the Leesburg, VA airport (Leesburg Executive, JYO, formerly Arthur Godfrey Field) being declared the third best airport in Virginia in terms of economic activity brought to the local community.

See the news story reported here:

Virginia is, as Jeb knows, a pretty GA-friendly state, despite the fact that it puts up with the Washington DC special flight rules area (SFRA) and numerous military operations areas (MOA's) and restricted areas around and above military bases.

Leesburg Executive has learned to keep up a drumbeat of publicity and activities to remind the politicians and public that it contributes to the area tax base as a major reliever airport for Washington Dulles (IAD) and Reagan National (DCA).

JYO airport will, in fact, put on its annual, major -- and free -- airshow for the public on October 1, 2011 -- something that might be worthy of a shout out on the podcast?

And, if any of you three are ever in the DC area around the third Thursday of the month, we'd be honored to have you as a guest and ask you to address the "Friends of Leesburg Airport" dinner!
A commercial pilot, IFR rated, who flies a Cirrus SR22 out of JYO.

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