USA FD Data now supported!!!

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USA FD Data now supported!!!

Postby Punky » Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:40 am

As promised, FD data for the USA was quickly incorporated into that free flight planning software for the PC. The level of flight planning automation is getting much better. You still have to tell your waypoints which weather station you want them to use - but you only do that once (and some of them set themselves up automatically anyhow).

If anyone wants to be emailed with new release information, please contact me at

The next thing on the list is to have it do IFR flight plans. I did one the other day with it - but there was some manual stuff and it didn't include frequencies and all that - so I'll be putting in specialized IFR flight plan capabilities shortly. After that, I plan to have weather information printed out along with the flight plan. Of course there are still planes to incorporate the iPhone/iPod Touch with it as well.

Here are the latest release notes:

Version 1.2.5 - Apr 01, 2008

Added support for FDs for the USA. The FP software can now completely automate your flight planning.
You can now select which regions of FD data you want to keep updated (no need to download ALL FDs), which speeds up the FD downloading process.
When FDs are 8 hours or more old, you will be prompted on startup to download the new data.

As noted before, this is still considered BETA software. You are encouraged to use this software for quick flight planning, but you should back it up with your own calculations.
As with all beta software, you are encouraged to rigorously test it and report bugs. As hard as the attempt is made to make this software completely bug free, the beta process is for the final stages of making the software work best for you, and iron out any last bugs that may reside.

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