Drivers Licence Medicals

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Drivers Licence Medicals

Postby ATC_Ben » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:52 pm

You may be interested in this analysis of the recent Drivers Licence medical as implemented by Australia. ... -analysis/

The full details from CASA: ... =PC_100908

Some 'translations' though:

Class 2 = FAA Third Class Medical.
CFI = Chief Flying Instructor NOT Certified Flying Instructor.
ATO = Approved Testing Officer akin to Check Airman.

Unlike the FAA most 'LSA' aircraft here are registered with Recreation Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) and thus do not have VH registrations. I believe RA-Aus and the gliding federation have had 'drivers licence' style medicals for years.

Given that the night rating is an add-on in Oz, this rule change gives us something close to the US Sport Licence but a bit more liberal in the limitations. Still one passenger, day VFR, single piston engined only and the altitude limitation isn't an issue here since the highest mountain here is only 7310ft! But there are no speed limitations, no limitation on variable pitch propellors or retractable landing gear (provided you have the endorsments for those) and the weight limit is MTOW of 1500kg (a touch over 3300lbs). This allows pretty much most singles out there, thus the hope that CASA may one day up the limit to 3 passengers seeing as this is the practical limit for most 172/Cherokee types if you still want the fuel to go somewhere and take a change of clothes!
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