Planes [movie]

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Planes [movie]

Postby gmarshall » Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:29 am

So I caught the flick with my 5 year old daughter. Pretty much exactly as expected, it is almost exactly 'Cars' with airplanes. So, a little formulaic and predictable, but cute and fun.

It didn't push hard the 'freedom of flight' angle. It's not a propaganda piece for general aviation or anything, but people with fertile imaginations might be susceptible to having dreams of flight planted in them.

What I appreciated? The airplanes moved 'correctly'. Like, this cartoon did a BETTER JOB than 'Pearl Harbor' did. While the airplanes had faces and voices, their airframes were 'solid', control surfaces all moved the right way, and they twisted and turned in as believable a manner as cartoon aircraft could be expected.

So what is my major gripe?

I asked my daughter what her favourite airplane was, and predictably she answered 'Dusty'. I went online to look to see if there's any Disney Planes flying toys out there. None. Ok, there's one, a little catapault launch foamy which doesn't even really look like the character ( ... d=21273776)

But I think there should be paint/colour and assemble profile models out of foam or balsa. Little rubber band powered free flight airplanes, little intro-to-radio control foamies. The whole lineup from little tot up to pre-teen.

Some guys over at RCGroups have gone ahead and scratch built a semi-scale foam version.

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Re: Planes [movie]

Postby DJTorrente » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:24 pm

I took my kids (8 and 5) opening weekend.

In a way, I kind of liked that it was interesting, exciting, and yet 'normal' as far as animated movies go. GenAv flying should be less unique and more a 'normal' part of common life experiences. I actually liked a few aviation-specific aspects of the story (like racing the shadow of the daily commuter for training; and Dusty reluctantly landing into the carrier arresting gear "I don't see as you have much choice..."); several parts of the story were whoppers, but after all -- its a kids movie. Worth the price of admission.
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Re: Planes [movie]

Postby cozy171bh » Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:31 pm

Enjoyable movie. I took my 4 kids, ages 11, 9, 5 and 5, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. We have the iPhone app, which the older kids also enjoy. Typical of Disney's success model, they are likely to precipitate games, toys, and McDonald's Happy Meal prizes into the marketplace based on the Planes movie. All of this is good.

I woud not suggest that the movie will compel throngs of kids to rush out to the airport with the result that the next generation fuels a resurgence of GA. That responsibility rests on our shoulders. As an airline pilot, light aircraft owner, and CFI, I will provide flight training for my 4 children and hope that they get bit by the bug.

Meanwhile, we need to work with (in some cases against) the regulators and leaders in the GA industry to remove the many barriers to flying. (As a starting point, given the percentage of the US fleet with low compression engines that qualifies for the auto gas STC, can't we agree to make auto gas more available at our airports? $3.70 x 8 GPH is a significant savings over the cost of 100LL!)

Planes is great. But any enthusiasm it and other efforts to promote GA will quickly be extinguished when the next generation of would-be flyers arrives at an airport only to be greeted by a security fence.

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Re: Planes [movie]

Postby PilotBillFromTexas » Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:36 pm

I saw this movie just today. It was fun. The primer in AOPA pilot magazine kind of pointed out some things to be aware of. Almost all of the planes were based off of real life models. It was fun to see caricatures made out of them. The motion of the planes stayed fairly true to actual physics for an animation.

I'm not sure if this movie would draw anyone out to the airport for flying lessons or not. The story wasn't really about the joy of flying but, anyone with the joy of flying would probably enjoy this movie. In a departure from the typical Hollywood depiction, it did show aviation in a positive light, which I suppose is good for GA.

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