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In the 'Would Dave Fly It?' category?

Postby gmarshall » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:24 pm

Exhibit A: 54 electric motors. 54 batteries. 54 electronic speed controls. 6 hobby level electronic control units (built in piezoelectric gyros etc.) 1 seat

I guess there's some redundancy at least?

Best feature: It has a 'safety' umbrella to protect the pilot as apparently all the propellor blades are at eye level!

Exhibit B: 8 small two strokes with 26" props. 1 seat.

Less redundancy, but more gas powered goodness. The noise will keep you safe.

Best feature: With blades spinning all around the seat, I don't think there's a safe way to get out of the machine if you're unable to turn them off!

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