Great Podcasts!

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Great Podcasts!

Postby topilot » Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:33 pm

Hi Guys,
I just registered for your forum and wanted to commend you on your podcasts. I enjoy listening to all the hanger discussions while I am driving to the airport. All of your personalities seem to mesh into a very interesting and engaging gig. One of the best features you have is that the podcasts usually last at least an hour.
I have had the pleasure of being a guest on Jason Millers Finer Points. I write for one of Jeb's sister publications IFRR and have articles published in NAFI Mentor. I have a book published by ASA; "Teaching Confidence in the Clouds" with another one on the way.
Only one compliant from one of your most recent Podcasts when you discussed aircraft mechanics pay. You guys all made mention of how many pilots frown on having to pay over $20/hour for a A&P, but don't think anything of paying a garage mechanic over $100/hour for taking their BMW in for repair. Hey, how about us CFI's that have been underpaid for years! Perhaps you can devote a future Podcast to the well known fact that the working CFI has been underpaid for years. Flight instruction is a key factor to the health of our future GA survival and the contribution of the CFI often goes unrecognized.
I can honestly say that I have recently been aware there is finally a shortage of highly skilled experienced CFI's that can demand a reasonable wage. It is evident when I see letters and post cards mailed out from many of the higher profile training establishments offering pay incentives. Many foreign students are coming to the states for training. It is about time we see some relief to the many smaller flight schools that have managed to survive many years of nearly going bankrupt, especially here in Florida.
Send me your address and I will be glad to send a complimentary copy of my book for your review. I look forward to many more hours of listening to your hanger sessions as you celebrate your two year anniversary.
Happy Flying, Tom Gilmore, MCFI

Dave Higdon
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Re: Great Podcasts!

Postby Dave Higdon » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:41 pm

Tom -- For all three of us, Thanks! Appreciate your compliments -- and your perspective on CFI primary flight instructor, one of the best, most-confidence-inspiring, "this-should-be-as-fun-as-it-is-serious" mentors a pilot could ever hope for, worked for $25 an hour and nearly went broke trying to eke out a living working seven days a week for a small flight school...and by the time i was ready to finish my instrument four years later, he was out of the private market, instead working for a major flight training company teaching jet transition courses and flying a Class D sim...

Good for the "students" passing through this behemoth organization, good for his bank account and life style...but a loss to a lot of eager private and non-career instrument students who now don't get the benefit of his experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for G.A...

So we'll surely make CFI pay a topic sometime in the new year, Tom...and if we don't move quickly enough for you, well, we won't be offended if you remind us :oops:

Thanks for listening, Tom -- and, again, thanks for the kind words. We'll do our best to keep things rolling!

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