The End for Cessna Mustang

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The End for Cessna Mustang

Postby AirportDude » Fri May 12, 2017 8:07 am

AVWeb just published an article confirming that Cessna will no longer produce the Cessna Mustang, despite a glowing review of the aircraft's production and performance history by senior vice president, Sales and Marketing Rob Scholl. “The Mustang proved to be an incredible success for our company and our customers, and we’re thrilled to celebrate the ingenuity and pride that went in to creating the world’s most popular entry-level light jet."

So thrilled, in fact, that they're cancelling production due to better sales of the slightly larger and more expensive M2 ($2.7M for the Mustang, $4.2M for the M2).

So to emulate the ESPN Translator on Mike & Mike -- “The Mustang proved to be an incredible success for our company... but we can take-in an even greater profit margin by selling our customers on a jet that only seats 2 more passengers, has a range of only about 200 more miles, yet produces half again more revenue for our company." :roll:

The story can be seen here:

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