Advances in GA Aircraft

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Advances in GA Aircraft

Postby boz196 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:48 pm

Hello Ucappers

On yesterday's podcast, Jeb was complaining about the lack of new technology in airplanes other than avionics.

Even in today's Oshkosh air show you can walk up to a Cessna near a Beechcraft and it's essentially built the same way as it was 40 years ago.

A Cirrus still uses an old engine, with an unconventional fuel.

So Jeb, in response to your comments some of us are working on a next gen aircraft.
Such an airplane will incorporate the following:

1. Carbon carbon brakes W anti skid*
2. Nano Carbon fuselage
3. Fly by wire flight controls (Quadruple redundant)
4. Uses auto gas*
5. Rotary engine Wankel, 300hp* Mistral (Turbine smooth)
6. Sapphire windscreen (keeps ducks out of the cockpit at 300mph)
7. 3Dprinted Titanium Landing gear oleo struts and half forks
8. Designed with CAD
9. Leading edge devices (for slow flight) no moving parts! Lands slow!
10. No ailerons uses spoilrons for roll control full span trailing edge flaps No adverse yaw.
11. Uses AOA for all phases of flight*
12. Latest Dynon Avionics *
13. BRS
14. FIKI capable

The items with the stars beside them are currently available off-the-shelf.
Our fly by wire system has been developed, we are already making our cowling with carbon Nano tubes. If you don't know what these are google them.

Titanium printed gear is down the road, SAPPHIRE wind screen is up to the ceramics company, Imagine a wind screen that doesn't crack, scratch, and resist duck impacts.

AOA guidance for pilot. Pilots use airspeed for backup in case of emergency. For takeoff you roll down the runway, when the rotate light flashes you pull back on the side stick and rotate the nose up until you reach your optimum climb AOA. YOU CRUISE AT THE OPTIMUM Long Range CRUISE AOA and descend at your optimum descent AOA. It's a different way to fly.

If you don't pass our training program then you don't fly ou aircraft. Period. You are required to return each year for training.

Manufacturing is computer controlled preprogrammed layups.. Assembly will be like the two weeks to Taxi Glasair program.

Flight training
Our own simulators and instructors.

So in the end it's lighter, stronger, faster, safer, and goes farther.


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Re: Advances in GA Aircraft

Postby jackhodgson » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:46 am

This sounds very interesting, and when ready, very exciting. But you don't mention the name of the plane or manufacturer. ???

// Jack

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