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iGen and GA

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:20 pm
by kswim94
Friend of mine shared this article with me. Sorry for the long piece, but it is a good read. Control-F your way to "driving" if you want to skip to the parts I thought were more pertinent to GA. ... on/534198/

The graph indicating the declining number of 12th graders with their driver's licence caught my attention. Having a 19 year-old son (who just completed his sport pilot certificate!), I can provide some assurance to the validity of that data. Growing up as a Gen-X'er, we could not wait to get our driver's license. Being a passenger was boring. Having your hands on the wheel was the way to GO.

My son was non-plussed about his driver's license. If he's driving, he has to focus on the road. As a passenger, at least he could play with his iPhone. So he didn't mind being chauffeured all over for his various sports and activities.

So, if our millenial/iGen population isn't that interested in driving, what does this mean for the future of aviation? I hear all this talk of pilot shortages, but as costs of aviation and college educations continue to go higher and higher, how can we attract a generation that doesn't even want to drive? The whole allure of the sense of freedom we experience as we take to the air is apparently not going to motivate our current teenagers. So what will?