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History Channel and Dave Higdon

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:54 pm
by cozy171bh
Maybe this is old news to you folks, but I was watching an episode of the History Channel's Modern Marvels the other day. The episode featured corporate jets, and included a short interview with none other than our one-and-only Dave Higdon! Dave provided historical information on the development of GA in Kansas as it pertained to corporate aircraft production. I checked the iTunes site where they offer Modern Marvels downloads, but this particular episode was not available.

Re: History Channel and Dave Higdon

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:51 pm
by Dave Higdon
Ohh-My-GAWD! That's back in circulation?!? :o

Man...Cozy, I tuned in to that too late to see myself but just in time to catch my old buddy and former Wichitan Clay Lacy...knew in an instant that most of the footage was old -- both by how Clay looked (younger than on our last encounter) and from footage used of people long gone from their positions...

But...thanks for watching and not dialing in here about how hard you laughed -- yeah, I looked a lot younger then, too ;)

That footage of me was from a History Channel program several years ago titled "Private Planes" and it got huge play the first 18 months or so after its initial release...back, oh, man, 2000? Don't remember. Since, some of my stuff has been re-cut into subsequent programs dealing with subsections of GA -- like what you saw on jets...

So check on "Private Planes" from The History Channel...and, if you find it and get it, brace yourself; they used my talking head a lot more in that one; Clay and I were in that one about nine or 10 times, Mom that I should've gotten Actors Equity scale for the amount of time I was in that one :lol:

Thanks for noticing -- I missed myself!