Ashutosh from Georgia, "Punchline game"

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Ashutosh from Georgia, "Punchline game"

Postby jackhodgson » Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:54 pm

From: Ashutosh from Georgia
Subject: Punchline game
Date: December 28, 2007 10:20:37 AM EST

I always see how far I get in the podcast without hearing "the punchline is..." when no joke is involved. That made something that had annoyed me (from overuse) into a game :)

Regarding Jeb's mystery air crash in "bad gas", the NTSB report now says that the red paint and anodized aluminum came from the plane itself:

"Red transfer or scuff marks were observed on many pieces of the airplane wreckage, and these marks were concentrated on the lower airframe skin forward of the main landing gear and the nose landing gear area. The Safety Board and four laboratories compared the red-marked airplane pieces to samples of red-colored items found in the wreckage. These examinations determined that most of the red marks were caused by parts of the airplane, cargo, and items encountered during the wreckage recovery. The marks exhibited random directions of motion, and none of the marks exhibited evidence of an in-flight collision with another aircraft. A small piece of black, anodized aluminum found embedded in the left wing was subsequently identified as a fragment from a cockpit lighting dimmer."

2007 C182T, KFTY

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