Rob from ???, "Interesting link"

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Rob from ???, "Interesting link"

Postby jackhodgson » Mon Dec 31, 2007 11:08 pm

Via email:

From: Rob from ???
Date: December 30, 2007 9:17:51 PM EST

Thought you guys might find this interesting. “The Link below”

By the way……… I’ve typed and backspace three different sentences of my thoughts trying to express my appreciation for you guys and they all sounded kinda sappy. And I know you guys will take a cheep shot “Just kidding” . So I will just say thanks and keep up the Great Shows.

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Re: Rob from ???, "Interesting link"

Postby MikeyB » Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:25 pm

That is way underhanded!!!! It's another example of people trying to get there hand in your pocket.
I don't understand what business it is to other states, if they did or did not pay sales tax or not in the state they bought there airplane in.
Its also and example of poor government or lack of decent leadership. IMHO

Dave Higdon
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Re: Rob from ???, "Interesting link"

Postby Dave Higdon » Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:10 pm

Rob -- First, no cheap shots coming; there's no way for me to express my amazement and gratitude for our fans, their enthusiasm and loyalty. We could BS about flying to our hearts content -- in fact, it was hearing Jeb and me do just that that inspired Jack to get us rolling. So many, many thanks! Hope we stay worthy of your time.

And Mikey, couldn't agree more; seeing this sort of underhanded, back-channel state-government pick-pocketing in several states, such as Florida, California, as well as in solution would be to spend no more $$ in those states -- or, at least, no more than absolutely necessary.

When my bride and partner, Annie, and I bought a Piper Comanche for our company, we knew that Kansas imposed a personal property tax on airplanes -- unless classified as an antique or used exclusively for business. At 46 years old, we knew the Comanche met the antique designation and thought no more about those taxes. Then a tax appraiser from the county were we based the plane visited our home field one slow winter weekend and ordered the Ramp Rat on duty to open every hangar so he could take down tail numbers; the order was illegal and the inspector informed his actions would not be allowed a second time.

But the damage was done and shortly after we received a tax bill of nearly $3,000 for the current year and threats of seizure because we had "withheld" our ownership of this aircraft...we were stunned, consulted our accountant, our attorney, talked to the county and supplied copies of the airworthiness certificate and information documenting the age of the aircraft. The county person was totally sympathetic and informed us of how to use the antique and business-use exemptions...which required a state form, plus documentation, mailed to a state panel which, in turn, would issue a finding and inform us and the county.

This took something to the tune of seven months before we got resolution; in the meantime, the county sheriff mailed us repeated demands for payment and threats of seizure, which prompted us to again contact the county tax people, document the pending appeal, and hold our breath after each time while we waited to see if the left hand of the county tax people could actually communicate the information to the right hand of the sheriff...we finally, finally prevailed...

And then, each year we still owned the airplane, we received a tax bill, mailed from the county, telling us we owed $000.00 in taxes...don't know what that cost the country, but suspect that for each of these "bills" send with a zero-owed message that the country spend a few bucks...

So expect these greedy states will be spending money -- that in the long they can't afford -- dealing with the challenges and pending exemptions those unfortunate owners will be mounting, as well as dealing with AOPA and NBAA as these organizations do their own pushing back.

No better word for this than the technical term, "Sucks!"

Power to the plane owners!

Dave Higdon

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Re: Rob from ???, "Interesting link"

Postby egraves7 » Tue Jan 08, 2008 9:23 pm

This is really inexcusable. I am going to have to agree with Dave on this issue, and not spend any money in these states. One thing that I would like to know, however, is how exactly Maine intends on collecting this money. I'm not so sure they would actually be able to collect from an unwilling pilot without lengthy, expensive federal court involvement; involvement which would probably cost way more than the taxes they're trying to collect.

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Re: Rob from ???, "Interesting link"

Postby LimaBravo » Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:59 am

Has anybody found any case law on these types of suits yet? Have any frivolous attempts by states to collect BS taxes stuck on anyone yet? Has anyone paid them? Where is Capt'n Force? ring ring I'm curious to see if this crap sticks on an honest airplane owner, who has bought, titled, and registered properly at home. The Florida example blows my mind and is inexcusable.

I see Dave's example here, along with the story line's gentleman, what a mess.

Here is another GREAT example on how UCAP will raise awareness and educate those who do not hear these horror stories. I know I will be better prepared to (NOT) go to one of these shady pick-pocketing states. My cash is staying flight and airplane friendly.


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