Mail: William from Colorado

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Mail: William from Colorado

Postby jackhodgson » Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:07 pm

From: William from Colorado
Subject: Airport Restaurants
Date: December 11, 2007 8:06:05 PM EST

Hello, I want to tell you about an airport restaurant in my home town. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The airport code is KCOS. Anyway, though this restaurant is not located on the property of the airport, it is about half a mile away from the local flight school. This restaurant is called the Radisson Restaurant combined with a hotel. What is very cool about this restaurant is that half of it is in a building, and the other half is in a retired B-52. The restaurant redid the airplane and put tables and benches inside it. The cockpit is open for customers to look at, which is preferred by the children. About three quarters of the airplane is outside, and part of the wing, and props are located inside the building. The food is very nice, and I would definately recommend it to anyone. I love the show, by the way, though I have just started listening. Keep up the good work, and you guise are an encouragement to me and my Private Pilot Training. I am thirteen years old and it is hard to wait three more years to be aloud to solo. Well, keep up the good work!
William, 13
Student Pilot,

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