Some Suggested Topics for the Future

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Some Suggested Topics for the Future

Postby redwoodcyclist » Thu Jan 10, 2008 6:22 pm

Hello UCAP,

I'm a big fan of the show, although I am not a private pilot. I am very interested in aviation and I enjoy the informative and entertaining banter on UCAS. I have a few suggestions for topics I would like to hear the UCAS perspective on.

1. For economic reasons, I am unable to pursue a PPL right now. However, I am obsessed with flightsims, in particular VATSIM ( which is a method of connecting desktop flight simulators to a network with simulated ATC. The ATC's on this network work hard to simulate "real" conditions. It feels pretty real to me, and it satisfies my need for "aviation". Are you all familiar with this? What do you think of VATSIM?

2. I would like to hear more on NASA/FAA trashing the data from their massive survey of GA and ATP pilots. I think it is a major scandal and I think the useless way they released the data is a major blow to the transparency that is vital for the continuous improvement of aviation safety. What do you guys think?

3. I would also like to hear more information on your opinions about the FAA. There seem to be some conflicting ideas held by some of the panel. I would describe it on the one hand as being cranky about the bureaucracy and slowness of FAA actions. This is in conflict with the idea that some on the panel seem to also want to make sure that GA has a strong voice in rulemaking. I would argue that you cannot have a fast-moving, responsive regulator AND have lots of input from all the stakeholders. It appears to me that the FAA could move faster on various issues, but that transparency and public comment would suffer. The big boys with the big economic and media footprint - the airlines - would squash the rather limited voice of the GA community. I would love to hear your response to this.

Thanks for the great show!

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