Greetings from TTA in NC

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Greetings from TTA in NC

Postby TheChartLady » Sat Jan 12, 2008 2:02 am

Hi Everyone, especially Jack, Jeb and Dave:

Thought I would crash "the boys club". I haven't heard too many female listeners mentioned on the podcasts. I love it when Amy is on.

I am a VFR pilot who trained in C152, started in 2004, flew for about 15-18 months out of the next 3 years and earned my "ticket" in August 2007. I'm starting the ground school for IFR rating at the end of this month.

I have moved up to C172 with GPS! WOWOW - talk about living! The convenience of being able to push a button and figure out where you are, but I always keep my finger on my sectional as I fly along.

I'm a member of Wings of Carolina Flying Club in Sanford NC (TTA) We're located about 30 miles SW of Raleigh NC off US 1 Exit 76. I've done all my training and flying here. New members coming in tell me it's a wonderful environment. I invite anyone in the neighborhood to fly by and visit.

The best time to visit is on any 2nd Saturday of the month. We're cooking lunch and entertaining visitors. Some months, we have a sales "critter" from one of the airplane manufacturers come by with new airplane(s) to drool over. Sometimes we have a presentation about avionics or some other topic. Some months, we invite all the aviation organizations in the neighborhood from the EAA, 99s, NC DOT-Aviation, AOPA to come by and tell our guests what they're up to. Some of the best times are listening to the experienced pilots talk about their adventures.

Oh, and if you want to learn to fly, we have a flight school.
Our club is almost completely volunteer run. The only paid person is our flight mechanic/ground school instructor and it's a good thing he doesn't charge us what he's worth.

My volunteer job is stocking the charts and pilots supplies that we provide our members at just about wholesale cost. Yes, that includes the Snack Corner. I figure any volunteer job that involves shopping with someone else's money can't be *ALL BAD* :D

I throughly enjoy each podcast and check my iPod often, hoping for a new download. Keep up the good work.
Oh, and you have talked me into Sun 'n' Fun. My husband, Dan, and I have our tickets and hotel reservations already. We'll see you in Lakeland!

Jan Squillace
The Chart Lady of WCFC
The Chart Lady --

Jan Squillace
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Re: Greetings from TTA in NC

Postby DaveA » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:44 am

Hello fellow NC resident Jan!

I'm over on Lake Norman off the end of the runway of 14A, Lake Norman Airpark.

Old friend is Jimmy Dean at Wings Past just off US 1/501 below Quail Ridge. I've spent alot of time in Sanford and vicinity in years past.

Dave Austin

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Re: Greetings from TTA in NC

Postby LimaBravo » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:55 am

Hi Jan!

Welcome aboard, and thanks for posting! Hope to see you around...... Congrats on your ticket and cheers to continued success in the air and on the ground!


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