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Mail: Bernard from Greenfield Park, Montreal

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:19 pm
by jackhodgson
From: Bernard from Greenfield Park, Montreal
Subject: Another emerging airplane...
Date: December 16, 2007 5:48:35 PM EST

Hello guys,

I’m a regular, though not in sequence, listener of your pleasant, often tongue-in-cheek but very professional podcast (Jack has his work cut-out for him to keep the others in lineJ ).

Anyhow, in relation to podcast #56 when you talked about the P-38 emerging from the sand, I wanted to inform you of something somewhat similar that is happening in Quebec (Canada). A Lockheed 18 Lodestar was found in the bush, after sitting there for over 40 years. A bush pilot buddy of ours saw it on the ground and from then on, a project has been started to make this airplane fly again. A complete and interesting website is devoted to it, It might be of interest to you and your listeners.

As for myself I’m a regular GA pilot, living in a town called Greenfield Park just south of Montreal, next to CYHU. My airplane (2006 Maule M4-180V) is based in CYJN, former military base.

Keep up the good work guys!

Best regards,