National Learn to Fly Day - May 15, 2010

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National Learn to Fly Day - May 15, 2010

Postby t0r0nad0 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:36 pm

Hey Everyone,

I heard about this on an AvWeb podcast yesterday, and today I signed up to lead a seminar at The 1940 Air Terminal Museum here in Houston as part of this event. An organization is putting together an event called National Learn to Fly Day on May 15, 2010, which is designed to get people interested in learning how to fly in touch with flight schools so that they can realize their dream. They've asked that flight schools or other aviation organizations host workshops in their areas to give information on the process of learning to fly, and are providing presentation and distribution materials for the organizations to use. This falls in conjunction with our May Wings & Wheels at the museum, which will be Beechcraft Day, so I will be giving this presentation that afternoon at the museum. Check out this link for more information, to find an event in your area, or to find out how you can give this presentation too!

In other news, prior to hearing about this event we at the museum had already dedicated our March 20 Wings & Wheels event to Let's Go Flying - AOPA's initiative to get new pilots. We are going to have several flight schools (both fixed and fling-wing) present to meet prospective students. This event will be sponsored by Devon Aviation, which is the Cessna dealer for East Texas, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana.

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