What a fun weekend of flying - PP-ASES & trike

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What a fun weekend of flying - PP-ASES & trike

Postby fordan » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:32 pm

I had my Biennial Flight Review coming up in October, so decided to do something more fun that an hour ground & flight time with a local CFI. I ended up flying (commercially, unfortunately) down to Florida recently to do a long weekend of flying. Started out at Jack Brown's Seaplane Base in Winter Haven, FL. 5.1 hours of dual and 0.8 of PIC later, I earned my seaplane rating!


I had never flown a Cub before and honestly doubted I'd actually fit in one. But fit I did, despite feeling a need to stretch prior to the contortions I went through to get to the back seat. Once inside, it wasn't bad at all, although I was happy to get out after a couple of hours to stretch out the legs. We never went higher than 500 ft and cruised around 60-70 MPH. Just a whole lot of fun. Passed the checkride, although I saw a lot of room for improvement in my technique. Which is probably ok, since most places I looked at won't allow solo seaplane rentals anyways. :) I'll probably try and get up again when down in the area for Sun 'n Fun.

On Monday before I left to head back north, I went over to Tampabay Aerosports at Zephyrhills Airport to try out the Revo trike that I lusted over back during Oshkosh on my first visit to the farm:


That was a seriously fun flight. There's something to be said for looking down past your leg and seeing the ground below. Not to mention that I was faster and higher than I was in the Seaplane all weekend (cruising 70-80kt, up around 1600ft). This felt like the motorcycle of the aviation world. Kinda odd in that since you're "flying the wing" the controls are reverse of what a airplane pilot thinks; you push the handle right to go left and push forward to increase the angle of attack.

I want one (a trike, the Revo may be a bit too pricey). I think I want a "go-places" airplane first though. This seems like a great way to just go up and enjoy a nice day in the air for not a lot of fuel burn. Guess I need to figure out the requirements of a Private Pilot Weight-Shift-Control-Land certificate. :)

Here's a YouTube video of the Revo on a demo flight (same trike, N18EV, although hopefully obviously not me flying): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYXc0sh_UU4

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