Candy Bomber Movie

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Candy Bomber Movie

Postby nathanwonnacott » Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:50 pm

Hello UCAP listeners,

I just heard about a movie coming to select theaters in October which may interest some of you. It is not an aviation themed movie, but it does have a segment featuring my personal favorite aviation for good stories. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka "Mormons") is producing a movie called Meet the Mormons which tells the story of six different members of the Mormon church. One of them is Gail Halvorsen a C-47/C-54 pilot during the Berlin Airlift who would drop candy out of his plane for the German children. If you haven't heard the story, I highly recommend reading about it or watching the movie.

I haven't seen the movie yet (since it hasn't come out yet) so I can't tell you how much it talks about the "Candy Bomber" but its an inspiring story that not only how aviation can be used for good, but also about how one person doing something kind can lead to a whole movement of people committed to doing good.

If it isn't showing in a theater near you, there is a place on the website where you can express your interest in seeing it and let them know your zip code. My understanding is that if there are enough people interested in a given area, they will notify the theaters in your area and try to convince them to show it.

The proceeds of the movie will be donated to charity.

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