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Hangar Door Canteen fundraiser for Sun-n-Fun Nov 3.

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:00 pm
by jimg
Hi, UCAP friends,

Sun-n-Fun is a great organization, and we've heard a lot about both the organization and their annual spring fly-in over the years through the Uncontrolled Airpspace Podcast, with on-site daily and full episodes, and special interviews (some by me!). I'm a strong supporter of Sun-n-Fun's educational mission which is doing a great job getting young people into aviation careers of all types. I just wanted to alert folks that in about a week, Sun-n-Fun is holding a fundraising event called the "Hangar Door Canteen." Here's the URL:

If you are, or might be, in central FL on November 3, give some thought to supporting Sun-n-Fun at that event. Unfortunately, I've got a conflict and can't be there, but if any UCAP fans do manage to get to the "Hangar Door Canteen," please let us know.

Jim G