Our Grass Airstrip

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Our Grass Airstrip

Postby Pilot_MKN » Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:38 pm

I finally got around to posting pictures of my grandfather's airstrip.

A little back history, it is located in north Mississippi, outside of Oxford. He bought this land just a few miles from his shop about ten years ago and started work on it a few years later. Originally it was deep woods, he had a logging company come in and take some of the trees then we gradually cut down more and more to use as firewood and started grading it with the equipment he purchased (two dump trucks, a small dozer, two tractors and a small front end loader). We also had to fill in a large gully at the south end of the runway to extend the length, since the owner of the cow pasture won't part with any of his land. Filling in the gully took the longest amount of time, since every time it rained it would wash away part of our work and getting grass to grow on it was a pain.

It took us a good 4-5 years of work, and it was ready. I spent my summers in high school out there driving dump trucks and the loader instead of out partying with friends, but hey it was for a good cause. Its about 1800ft long, and as you can see from the pictures slopes downhill to the south pretty good. Takeoffs and landings can be made in both directions, but you have to keep an eye on the trees in the cow pasture and then the orange fence as you come in to the south. You have to get it down close to the fence or you won't be able to stop. Landings to the north are much easier, but you come in really close to the trees.

We have two sheet metal hangars on the field and 4 airplanes, Grandpa's 1964 Skyhawk, a 1943 Cub and 152 owned by a deputy, and an experimental owned by another friend.

Looking to the south, it definitely slopes downhill. There's plenty of room to stop if landing downhill, but it usually takes most of the runway. If you squint you can see the orange balls on the power lines at the far end.

Looking north...the trees in the cow pasture are a factor if you try landing to the south.

Long final to the strip, landing to the north..this strip is smack dab in the middle of the woods

Takeoff Roll

Yours truly about to touch down

Our two hangars (plus assorted equipment)

A 1943 Cub owned by a friend of my grandpa.
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Re: Our Grass Airstrip

Postby jackhodgson » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:43 pm

This is just so very cool. Congrats and great work!

-- Jack

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Re: Our Grass Airstrip

Postby LimaBravo » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:42 pm

That is freekin' awesome! More folks should be so inclined. I hope that I have the time and help to transform a little of my backyard like you and your grandfather did!


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