Age 65 Rule

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Age 65 Rule

Postby cozy171bh » Mon Jan 07, 2008 5:29 am

I'm catching up after the holidays and just listened to episode 60. There is confusion about the application of the age 65 rule. First, part 121 makes no distinction as to whether you are flying passengers or freight. The same rules apply to the operator if it is United carrying people in a 757 or UPS carrying boxes in a 757. To the FAA, the rules are designed to keep both flights safe, regardless of the number of souls on board. As far as the retirement age is concerned, the same rule applies to both passenger pilots and us "freight dogs" out here.

If someone turned 60 before congress passed the new law last month, that pilot had to retire from his/her airline at age 60. The rule is not retroactive. However, that pilot who just retired at age 60 before the law change can now go out and get a job with some other carrier at the entry level position or pay. Or, he can reapply to the airline he just retired from and enter at entry level pay. Imagine that! The guy just retired off the 747 as a captain with a 6-figure income and now he gets hired back for 30K/year sitting junior reserve in a crash pad! More likely, such a pilot will opt to fly contract in Asia where they are short of pilots.

For the rest of us younger folk, we have the option of flying another 5 years. Whether or not pilots will do so is an individual decision based on health, financial ability, and the details of the retirement plan under the contract with his/her airline.

Anyway, that's the rule in a nutshell as I understand it.

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