"I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

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"I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby gmarshall » Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:26 am

Not done listening to the podcast, but I just want to say:

"No post crash fire."

"There's another data point."

This had me in stitches on my half hour walk home from work tonight. Fortunately, the weather:

METAR CYOW 140600Z CCA 31015G21KT 1 1/2SM -SN SCT006 OVC019 M12/M13
A2939 RMK SF3SC5 /S01/ OCNL DRSN SLP959=

meant there was no one around on the streets to hear me laughing. :)

Thanks guys!

Oh, and on the 400mph RC Jet, sorry, not really plausible. The current record is 337mph (actually Guinness verified) set earlier this year:


Still not as fast as the dynamic soaring gliders, but they don't conform to any standard Guinness World Record rules.

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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby ruckin » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:18 pm

I found "just sayin" part of the episode to be really funny too. I think that it should be certainly put in the "best of" bin.

On the two week to taxi program: I think that they are improved the process so you can do it in about 11 days now. Heck, if you called it a UCAP meetup you might be able to get enough people to build it in just a few days. If the beer doesn't happen too early in the process the resulting plane might even be airworthy!


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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby gmarshall » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:42 pm

One of the members of the club I fly with is building one of these:


It's not 'two weeks to taxi', but the builder assist program had them through all the major structure assemblies in about a week. It looks like it went together like a giant plastic model. An absolutely beautiful airplane, the big carbon bits (wing panels etc) were just gorgeous, seems a shame to have to paint it.

She's putting together the turbine version. I will do everything I can to try to get a ride when it's completed.

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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby gmarshall » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:46 pm

My bad, their build program was 10 days. At that point the major assemblies got loaded in a truck to continue construction elsewhere.

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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby flyguy79 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:35 am

On the topic of chains, the issue isn't when the chain breaks. As was pointed out by Dave, if you get to that point, a broken tie-down is probably the least of your worries. The issue with chains is that they have no flexibility. In gusty weather, when the plane gets to rockin' (insert bumper sticker joke here), it's stopped suddenly and violently by a very hard, not-very-stretchy chain and the instantaneous load on the tie-down points can be incredibly high.

It may be counter-intuitive, but the way to avoid the shock loads imposed by chains is to get all of the slack out of them when you tighten them down. Kind of like when you secure a motorcycle on a trailer or in the back of a pickup. You cinch those tie-down straps down enough to compress the struts a little. As long as they stay tight, the bike isn't going anywhere. Granted, that can be hard to do when you're given a length of chain and a carabiner, but slack is the enemy here. Carrier-based aircraft use the same principle - get all of the slack out so that the aircraft essentially becomes part of the ship.

Technically, all of that is true with rope tie-downs as well. It's still not a good idea to leave a lot of slack in the tie-down, but it's less of an issue because most rope has a little give to it (more than steel, anyway).

Just thought I'd throw that in. And yes, this episode was hilarious! Keep up the greatness, guys.


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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby randyc » Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:13 pm

Rats...if I'd known you were going to be in Charley West I could have invited you to dinner! I live only 20 minutes away but didn't find out you were there until 2 weeks later.

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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby gmarshall » Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:13 pm

When tying down an airplane by rope I also take out as much slack as possible. Having a greater static load on the airplane from tying it down is FAR superior to the shock load of a sudden stop.

Any slack in the system is an opportunity for the airplane to accelerate as it's being blown around by a gust.

After the big wind storm/tornado last year at Rockcliffe airport, most of the tied down aircraft that hadn't broken their moorings were weather vaned into the wind, with the ropes under each wing pointed in opposite directions. The ropes were fairly taught at that point. That's probably about how tight the ropes should have been in the first place.

http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/St ... 263-1.html

When travelling through parts of the country that routinely see higher winds, it's obvious that people take tying down their airplane more seriously.

I went through my PPL and CPL without anyone actually taking 5 minutes to make sure I knew how to tie a real knot! Having been on a sailboat, I know my bowlines from my reef knots and make sure things are secure, but I regularly see people doing crummy jobs tying down airplanes. And as stated in the episode, it's one thing for your airplane to get broken from your carelessness, another for it to land on someone else's.

Incidentally, all the flying club airplanes at Rockcliffe get checked each night by the last instructor to leave. The club aircraft damaged last April were all struck by errant privately owned airplanes.

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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby ATC_Ben » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:33 pm

I think the best was saved till last, Jeb's 'iPad delivery' story (ok had nothing to do with aviation but...) had me nearly falling out of my chair!
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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby Rockdog » Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:11 pm

ATC_Ben wrote:I think the best was saved till last, Jeb's 'iPad delivery' story (ok had nothing to do with aviation but...) had me nearly falling out of my chair!

No kidding!! it was worth waiting for!! UPS SUX IMHO!

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Re: "I'm Just Sayin'" UCAP #215

Postby rwryans » Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:47 pm

"Suck a Bubble" had me laughing out loud in the car!

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