Episode #286 "Shoot to Kill"

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Episode #286 "Shoot to Kill"

Postby Sonex781 » Tue May 22, 2012 11:20 pm

Affordaplane: Jack, I ordered and downloaded the Affordaplane plans. They were surprisingly well done and seemingly complete, given that they cost a mere $7. There is a lot of "how-to" detail, ranging from aircraft hardware to finishing parts, and numerous photos. These are plans only, along with an assembly manual - there is no kit, per se. So the cost will be significantly impacted by what skills you bring regarding parts sourcing. The web site at http://affordaplane.com/materials.html gives an example:
"As an example, all of the stock for the wings was purchased locally, and as the tubing only came in 24’ long pieces, we cut them in half with a hacksaw then secured them to the roof of the car. All of the tubing for both wings was obtained in this manner, and only came to $342, compared to well over a thousand from other places, and that doesn’t include shipping fees! It’s worth the effort in $$$ to see if you can find your materials locally. Give it a try!"

A note on flight training from the manual:
"You will at least need to get checked out in a two seat ultralight taildragger, (which is best) or are signed off for solo in a certified aircraft like an Aeronca Champ or similar. It is best, if you have no flight time at all, to let your instructor know what you intend to do, and FOLLOW what he or she says."

I can find no mention of any specific cost (i.e. $3,000), but that is probably reasonable. One might be able to do much better, especially if you have some leftover 6061-T6 aluminum left over from another project, like my Sonex.

Engines mentioned in the manual include:
"You can choose from a rotax 377, 447, 1/2 vw (watch the weight and hp on these) a 2SI 35 hp, or a Kawasaki 440. The plans show an engine mount for the Rotax 447."

I do not have any personal experience on what an engine of this sort would cost. But here is a link to a Rotax 447 on eBay, that looks to be in good condition, for $2,200 (Buy-It-Now). Not sure if this is representative or not.

In any case, the Affordaplane manual/plans were certainly worth the price of $7, even just for the good reading, and the reminder of the history of Part 103 aircraft!

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Re: Episode #286 "Shoot to Kill"

Postby hmng » Mon May 28, 2012 12:09 pm

Regarding the Affordaplane; I've been following the Yahoo group on it (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cheapaircraft/) and although people always deviate from the plans, the consensus seems to be that it's near impossible to built it light enough for part 103. The ones flying are registered experimentals, that require either a LSA or private ticket. (not a bad idea, anyway ?)

A very cool, very cheap ( seen it quoted at ~8000€, ready to fly) is the SD-1 (http://www.sdplanes.com/sd1a.htm) There's a very good video on the site.



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Re: Episode #286 "Shoot to Kill"

Postby davidsflying » Mon May 28, 2012 3:42 pm

Thanks for talking about the sunglasses for the user question.

I've been using my non polarized ones for flying for a couple weeks now. Jack mentioned he liked the brown tint and that's basically what these have (looks more black from the outside but brown when you look through them oddly). I find that colour is great in the haze, lets you distinguise clouds etc. at a greater distance than without.

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