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Episode #114

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:14 pm
by jackhodgson
Well it seems that the number "4" is turning out to be bad luck in UCAP-land.

First we had the long-delayed (but-still-gonna-get-done-eventually-dammit) Episode #104.

And now #114

We started recording #114 last Tuesday evening -- in order to get a jump on the holiday. About 30 minutes in we were interrupted by a personal crisis (since resolved, with no fatalities) which caused us to abort the recording.

We agreed to pick up where we left off on Sunday evening, but that afternoon we heard from one of the gang who had come down with a nasty chest cold which left him without a voice (which admittedly might have improved the podcast). So we canceled that recording as well.

This is the first time in almost two years that we've missed a cycle in our regular, more-or-less-weekly, recording schedule.

We're now planning to record either Thursday or Sunday. Wish us luck.

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:59 pm
by jackhodgson
I just posted #114, finally.

Here's one lame-assed excuse about this episode: Dave is still recovering from his holiday cold, and you can hear it in his voice. Another byproduct is that he's still a little wheezy and sniffly. I tried to edit out the most egreagious examples of this, but it was impossible to get them all. So listen with the volume a little lower, and please be understanding.

I know these sorts of extraneous noises have been an ongoing problem for us. I've tried to minimize them, but in fairness, none of us are professional radio people, so cut us some slack.

On the other hand, it's now near the top of my list of things to improve on the podcast, to clean up all these noises. If any of you are audio professionals I'd love to talk with you about some of my ideas, and to get more suggestions. You can contact me at

-- Jack

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:19 am
by fordan
Anyone else having difficulty getting iTunes to download the episode? My iTunes is only showing #113 TTFN. I've pulled down the RSS feed using netcat, and I see the episode in the XML, and the W3 parser says it's correct, but iTunes isn't seeing it. I've tried removing the podcast and resubscribing, both from the entry in the iTunes store and directly from feedburner, and still no luck. No luck in subscribing from my other two systems (Mac & PC) where I have iTunes; same issue. I've even bounced my DNS server and the machine running iTunes plus did a packet capture of iTunes talking to feedburner.

I'm starting to run out of ideas on my end, although I'll keep looking if others aren't seeing the problem. I can manually download the mp3, but that would be cheating at this point. :D

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:16 am
by MattB
Well it seems that the number "4" is turning out to be bad luck in UCAP-land.

Well Jack may be right about the number 4.
The same thing happied to me, I saw it download; went to go play it and could not find it. After 15mins of looking and resubscribing I had given up on finding it.
So I went into my ipod to play some old eps and there it was! Between 62 Citrus Icing and 61 Perkfection and for what resion was it there? The Release Date was Jan 1st 2008... thats right 2008 and not 2009.
Number "4" strikes again! :twisted:

Anyways guy keep them coming! :D
"The more I hear you talk about flying the more I want to be up there too!"

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:16 am
by jackhodgson
Oh crap. I think I know what the problem is. I'll be back.

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:31 am
by jackhodgson
OK, should be fixed now.

In creating the entry for 114 in the RSS feed, I left the year 2008 instead of 2009, so it appeared in the list back amongst the 60s.

-- Jack

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:47 am
by Dave Higdon
Let it be known that Jack made -- and discovered -- his calendar error while working in the SFO Jeb and I are considering a restriction on Jack's Leinnie's intake when in his old home state ;)

No word yet on how many checks he's written using "2008" :lol:


Re: Episode #114

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:16 pm
by jackhodgson
Listen close and you'll hear that I opened the ep by saying that we were recording it on "January 1 2008".

And I've yet to find Leinies out here. :-(

-- Jack

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:28 am
by champguy
Fatigue while flying is not something people want to talk about, but even with my flying, after about the third tank of gas, in the heat, I'm getting pretty well beat. I resort to an MP3 player for about the middle hour of a two hour hop. Either an Album, an audio book, even an episode of a will known Podcast while Deluth inched past under a head wind.
Congrats to Jeb for his new "fixed base". It is good to hear of things working out for someone.

Re: Episode #114

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 8:12 am
by randyc
The New River Gorge bridge that you spoke of is 876 feet above the river...every October on "Bridge Day" BASE jumpers and bungee divers jump off the bridge. It's pretty spectacular...and why any one would jump off a perfectly good bridge is beyond me. There's also been a Chevy commercial filmed there where they bungee dropped a vehicle and a guy who tried to jump into a net towed by an AN-2. I happened to be at BKW when the plane was there for the filming; ugly beast indeed.