Episode #116 "Like the Cat Thing"

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Episode #116 "Like the Cat Thing"

Postby lucaberta » Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:59 pm

Just listened to half of the podcast, the usual great stuff from our crew, way to go! Tomorrow morning will finish to listed to #116, commuting by car has become much faster now that I hear podcasts to/fro the office! :D

Sean Tucker was mentioned for his bailout in Louisiana on 4/5/2006:


What is not widely known is the fact that he had another in flight snafu prior to that event, this time captured on video (albeit I could not locate the video on the Internet). I did see the video during one of Sean's keynote speeches at a Pine Mountain Lake Aviation Association saturday night bash on 4/2/2005. Sean is a great speaker, and he told the story of this demo flight he was doing with a non-pilot, doing very mild aerobatics just to have the passenger (I believe it was a female) feel the aerobatic rush. Then, all of a sudden, they lose the propeller, and he kept so calm that the passenger thought that what had happened was nothing so abnormal... :D

They were just over some dirt strip somewhere around Salinas (I believe) and he manouvered for a nice dead stick landing without prop, and that was it. Sean mentioned that he always keeps within gliding distance from a strip, just in case, and this time it sure paid off.

You should have seen the video! Quite hilarious, if you also include Sean's comment during the presentation! ;)


Ciao, Luca
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Re: Episode #116 "Like the Cat Thing"

Postby dhindmanjr » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:21 pm

Hi guys,
I just finished listening to the Podcast and really enjoyed it. Living in Denver, I took particular interest in the discussion and analysis of the 737 accident at DIA. As a newly minted Sport Pilot, I really appreciate the thoughts of experienced pilots on an accident that is close to home. Although a novice pilot, I have grown up in Denver and have a bit of experience with the winds in the area. The one thing I would say is that a strong wind out of the west here is anything but steady in both direction and velocity. A strong flow from from the west comes tumbling off the mountains causing strong gust and large variations in direction. My question is, could a 30 - 50 kt quartering tailwind cause the deviation that this 737 experienced? Keep up the good work. I look forward to each new addition of the podcast.

All the best,

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Re: Episode #116 "Like the Cat Thing"

Postby champguy » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:38 pm

I had read a few years ago of a pusher ultralight that spread some ashes out over a lake. The dearly departed went through the prop causing sufficient damage that as the RPMs rose the plane started loosing altitude and landed safely on the beach but was unable to return to the field where the relatives were waiting.
One of the old guys who hangs in our hanger here used to be a duster and then an engineer of spreading devices. He has shown how to make a venturi device with common PVC plumbing fittings to be secured out on the struts. It opperates with a string to a cork. The hopper is an old laundry detergent bottle. Works well. Every time I see the device on the back of the bench in my hanger I wonder what homeland insecurity would think if they knew how easy it all was.
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Re: Episode #116 "Like the Cat Thing"

Postby ruckin » Sat May 23, 2009 6:45 pm

Sorry for being behind in listening to the episodes...

Just a comment about opening the window and trying to toss the ashes out... It has nothing to do with physics, Bernoulli or similar. If you open the window and try to toss out the ashes the reaction is similar to that of trying to toss them out when they are still alive :shock: Not wanting to get out of the airplane is a very strong reaction that continues beyond death.

But this advice is general, you must remember to fly the airplane - but you knew that!

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