Episode #138 UCAP Blues

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Episode #138 UCAP Blues

Postby PilotBillFromTexas » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:16 pm

Jack made a passing comment about the UCAP Blues. I thought that it might be fun if all tried to contribute to the UCAP Blues.

I wrote this on a flight from Dallas to St.Louis this morning:

I'm thinking of the tune of "because she's a woman....w o m a n"

UCAP Blues

boss, I'm done with work
honey, I done mowed the grass
I'm going flying
get off of my a**

You don't gotta be no pilot. You don't gotta wear no wings
If you love aviation, brother and sister, c'mon and sing.
We aint got no agenda but to have a good time.
We talk about flying and tell big stories on line.
Tell your Mamma and Daddy. Tell your best friend Sue.
Come out to the airport and have some fun with us, too.

Don't you sit on the fence
come on inside for a ride
the weather's cooler at altitude
come into the cockpit, sit down by my side

the plane is all pre-flighted
the weatherman says it gonna be a nice day
I want you here with me
let's take to the runway

after the flying
after we land
we tuck away our trusty bird
close that flight plan

we wipe off the crusty bugs
crack open a beer
ucap on the iPod
Dave, Jeb and Jack are here

Boston is snowed in
Florida weather's convective
Kansas wind blows hard
UCAP pilots, get to the forums, get connected

Leinies on the table
skype ringing in the ear
Dave's singing off-key
UCAP podcast is here.

We don't want no lectures
we don't want no flight school
we know we gotta fly safe
we ain't no fools

We talk about the government
the FAA man gets us down
TSA man, get off my back
don't make me drown

bring me a cold beer
just let me be
my friends I never met
are talking to me

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Re: Episode #138 UCAP Blues

Postby jackhodgson » Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:51 pm

Awesome! Thanks.

-- Jack

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Re: Episode #138 UCAP Blues

Postby champguy » Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:31 am

I can understand the problems James had finding the "true scoop" on his fuel pump problem.
Whatever your plane or engine, there is probably a user group on the internet that keeps a discussion going and archives old threads on even the most obscure issues. Much of the chatter is purely social, but it is where you can find someone who has had and solved your particular problem. Keeping these groups alive is all part of keeping older planes airworthy.
Remember, not all who wander, are lost.

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Re: #138, and the "Bamboo Bomber"

Postby Scofreyjet » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:37 pm

During the Chit-Chat session, Jeb commented that he thought the Cessna T-50/UC-78 "Bamboo Bomber" was "metal", but even Jeb slips up every once in a while. ;)

Although the fuselage frame was tubular steel, the wings were wood and fabric, and significant wood was used throughout - hence the "Bamboo" moniker.

During AvWeb's "Fiddling Around America Tour", they came across a beatifully restored UC-78 and have posted this Video Clip
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Re: Episode #138 UCAP Blues

Postby RigaRunner » Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:07 pm

Jeb read the letter from the woman in Warrenton VA who admired the flying skills of the acrobatic pilot in the red plane she frequently saw in the skies over her home.

I notice in the newspaper's online edition that the airport manager in Warrenton has identified her and the pilot, and he is attempting to get them together for a "demonstration flight." Frankly, after reading her entire letter, I was going to offer her a flight (non-acrobatic) if she wanted.

He says that "the pilot has been identified and would like to meet the author of this letter. The make of the aircraft is a Pitts Eagle. This aircraft is designed specifically for aerobatic flight and is based here at the Fauquier Airport. Please contact me so we can arrange for you to meet with the pilot and take a flight if you wish."

I hope she does it -- rarely has a ground based observer written so eloquently about flight.
A commercial pilot, IFR rated, who flies a Cirrus SR22 out of JYO.

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Re: Episode #138 UCAP Blues

Postby Scofreyjet » Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:33 am

Regarding the "Man in the Red Airplane" storey, Stephen Force did a podcast on this very topic (after hearing about it in UCAP#138!) in case you haven't heard it. Here a link to the related Airspeed Online podcast.
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