Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby ruckin » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:19 pm

RE: some people having to take the bus...

I suspect that during flight test only the required crew is allowed to be on board. While it might be easy to come up with some make work "tests" to run for the transatlantic flight the short hop into KOSH was probably more of a frerry flight and didn't need so many people to run the tests. The other reason may have been that they wanted some of their people on site prior to arrival for PR/marketing ...

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby jackhodgson » Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:25 am


thanks for the info.

-- Jack

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby IdahoMike » Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:38 pm

What rang home for me on this episode was the namesake story -- I had a similar experience out flying/camping this weekend. Some quick background. I live in Idaho (where I have a fishing liscense). I am currently on business in E. Washington (KRLD). An hour's flight from here is a beautiful mountain strip called Minam (see airport restaurant section for details). This strip is inside the Eagle Cap Wilderness of Oregon.

I departed at 3pm on Saturday to go camping. I got lazy and didn't get an Oregon fishing license because it would have required a substantial amount of effort to land at an Oregon strip, find a store that sells fishing licenses, yadda yadda. I rationalized that I was only going to fish two days and was going to be catch and release plus it is 25 miles from the nearest road, what are the odds of having fish police?

Sunday morning, I taunted a few fish with my fly and then walked along the river up to Red's Horse Ranch. This is an historic lodge that was a private land until 1994 when it was bought by the USFS. The are some local folks who volunteer as caretakers so I decided to go introduce my self and scout the runway (has a big ditch on one side that is good to know about. With my wet pants and fly rod in hand I introduced myself to the current volunteer caretaker. He introduced himself as a game warden enforcement officer stationed looking for salmon poachers.

My gear was obviously for little fish not bigones, but I fessed up that I wasn't gunning for endangered species and that my license was only good in Idaho so I probably was in violation. "Since I didn't actually see you fishing, I will let you off with a warning." I certainly appreciated the enforcement discretion. By all rights he had me, 25 miles from the nearest road. What are the odds?

P.S. As the enforcement officer gave me a tour of the lodge building at Red's Horse Ranch he pointed out a 1940s era photo of the airstrip with an Ercoupe in the foreground and about 20 or so other vintage planes (looked like a couple Texans were among them).

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby champguy » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:30 pm

It is when you hit the brakes and the front of the car dips that he knows that you know that he has you.
If you use your emergency brake instead there are no lights and no front dip. The only sign that you were speeding will be the crumple in your rear bumper as you save the guy behind you from getting a ticket also.

As for handing bricks out to people flying home, I'm not sure just how many my Champ could get over the Rocky Mountains. Certainly added to the two cases of Linies under the rear seat, it might be an issue.
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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby Afterburner Al » Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:35 pm

I emailed this to Jack...but thats why he put up the forums...some more info about some of the more obscure references in this past episode.

Culver’s has been a fine Wisconsin tradition for many, many years. It started in the small town of Sauk City, WI which is west of Madison along the Wisconsin river. The company has been a Midwest tradition and has recently expanded far beyond the region...all the way to Texas. Earlier this year they began a national ad campaign.


Sauk City’s airport Sauk-Prairie is where I learned to land on narrow strips. Sauk-Prairie airport also has some infamy as the place where the last known air raid on US soil (before 9/11) happened on New Year’s day 1970.

Just north of town was Badger Ammunition (large plant)…some radicals from the University of WI stole a C-150 from Morey Airplane Company in Middleton, WI and dropped a few Molotov cocktails on the plant at night in the middle of a snow storm. They arranged for one of their girlfriends to meet them at the Sauk Prairie airport where she put out flares to light the runway so they could land.

The two radicals were brothers and 8 months later, with the help of two others,would set off a ANFO laden truck bomb next to an academic building on the UW campus that house the Army Math Research Center.



Your discussion of “Wired” Magazine’s report about ATC at OSH reminded me that you probably didn’t hear Mike Morgan’s (aka EAA Radio's Stuck Mic) piece about the FISK arrival this year. We had him out there Sunday 7/26. You can hear his piece on the EAA website. Go to the EAA Radio's Facebook page to see pictures of FISK controllers in action.


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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby mdpilots » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:02 pm

I have a whopping 4 hours in an Ercoupe. I actually posted a picture some time ago in this post:


I don't have a ton of hours. But I have to say that those 4 are some of the most fun I've had in an airplane. Sliding down the window and flying around with elbows out the sides is just plain cool.

Because there are no flaps, and you can't slip it with no rudder pedals, you have to use alternate methods to come down quickly. My instructor taught me to increase descent rate by reaching out and placing your hand on the wing, spoiling lift. If you have a passenger and have them do the same, you can really come down quickly. I once needed to land in a hurry and had my passenger do just that. I often wondered what it must have looked like from the ground to see a plane on final with the two occupants half way out of their seats and apparently "holding on" to the wings!


PS - That ercoupe had a hand brake. So there was NOTHING on the floor at your feet. It seemed very unnatural.

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby Navionpilot » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:30 pm

Some Zinc Chromate primers do not include Zinc now....... The self etching stuff works great.

"Very hard and smooth surfaces, such as obtained by the use of concrete, are not popular with pilots.- Civil Airport Construction 1928- Fly Grass!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby hmltnrgr1 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:49 pm

Ok, maybe someone out there can answer a question I developed listening to the episode.

If NASA's procedure was to open the hatch and throw in the isolation suits then haven't they already compromised any sort of protection to the environment? I figure just opening the door would release any nasties and since the suits would be in the same environment as the Apollo 11 crew it seems to me there's nothing to prevent the bugs from riding on the outside of the suits...of course since the whole thing was a PR stunt filmed from a studio at Area 51 I guess it's a moot point ;)

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby jackhodgson » Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:45 pm

I need to do some research. With all respect to the listener who told us the "open the door and throw in the suits" story, I'm still not convinced. I think that that was the procedure, but only after a couple of flights. I really think the first moon crew(s) had to stay in the module until it was hoisted on board, and go through the tunnel.

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Re: Episde #148: "You're not from around here"

Postby Soccer-Jock » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:45 pm

Regarding the Ercoupe and it's friendliness to amputees, this was a recent story in AOPA:
"Jessica Cox, an Arizona woman born without arms, learned to fly an Ercoupe using only her feet to manipulate the controls. She’s the first pilot with such a physical limitation ever granted an FAA certificate."
http://www.aopa.org/oshkosh/oshkosh09/a ... wards.html

That's a determined woman. And one brave and insightful CFI !

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