OFLOTW in the Pacific

Off Field Landing of the Week
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OFLOTW in the Pacific

Postby cozy171bh » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:37 pm

UCAP Gang,

Here is an Off Field Landing of the Week complete with video of the deployment of the Cirrus parachute system.

One of my airline's 757 crews was en route to Honolulu from LAX when they became involved in the off field splashdown of a Cirrus SR22. Standard procedure when operating in the Central Eastern Pacific once out of radar contact is to monitor 121.5 in one radio and 123.45 in the other. Our crew received a distress call from a Cirrus SR22 ferry pilot. The Cirrus had departed from Tracy, CA and was destined to one of the Hawaiian Islands. The pilot discovered that his aux fuel tank feed had failed (for reasons unknown) and had calculated that the remaining fuel would not enable him to reach land.

Our crew rendered assistance by relaying information and helping the pilot contact the US Coast Guard. The Coast Guard in Honolulu gave the Cirrus pilot coordinates of a ship in his area. The ship (Holland America Cruise Lines, MS Veendam) held position. The pilot flew his aircraft to the ship's coordinates, where the Cirrus installed ballistic parachute system was activated. The pilot spent less than 30 minutes in the water before he was brought aboard a tender from the MS Veendam.

http://www.dvidshub.net/video/388574/pi ... Mb1f0Y77YX

Excellent airmanship on the part of the Cirrus pilot! Great coordination on the part of the USCG. Thanks also to the Holland America Cruse Line.

Except for the insurance company, a happy ending.


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Postby jsolum » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:56 am

I saw this video posted on Reddit a couple of days ago. This is yet another perfect demonstration of the BRS system. Instead of risking a ditching even at slowest possible speed, would still be dangerous giving how rough the seas were. Also, if the aircraft is going to be a total loss anyways with it's inevitable sinking, might as well have a nice soft landing. Only problem incurred by doing this, was the aircraft being dragged by the chute and almost flipping over on the pilot after egress. He also showed complete preparation for the ditching, with the initial calls, getting rescue sorted out, and then waiting for the plane to hit the water to be able to egress the second it hit. Can see in the video that his door was open waaaay before "touchdown."

My favorite part of the video is when the pilot was just sitting, legs stretched out and crossed in the raft, almost acting like this was a normal day. Also, he might have had an idea that he won't have to buy a drink the whole time on the cruise line.

Good job on the post!

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Re: OFLOTW in the Pacific

Postby gmarshall » Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:44 am

That pilot was *ready*. He was out of the cockpit on the wing in the aircraft in what I counted as 8 seconds, I'd assume with all his emergency kit in tow.

Seeing the airplane bobbing about in the swells getting pulled around by that chute, I think he was wise to egress as quickly as possible.

Obviously with more on board, that could take somewhat longer.

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