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P51 engine failure and off field landing with analysis

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:57 am
by gmarshall
Just realized I never saw this posted here or mentioned in the podcast (unless I missed it!)

British airways pilot Mark Levy was flying formation in an airshow at Duxford England when the Mustang he was flying suffered an intermittent power loss.

He was low, kinda slow, leaving him not a lot of time to analyze the situation. It's just under 2 minutes from the first hiccup of the engine to him putting the airplane down in a farmer's field beside the airport, as he made the determination literally 7 seconds before he touched down that he didn't have the energy to make the field and would endanger people on an adjacent roadway if he'd tried.

A great breakdown in the interview of his thought process, with some candid admissions of a few things he could have done better in hindsight. He got far more right than wrong though, walked away from the landing, and the aircraft was repaired and back in service the next year.