KPMH - Portsmouth, Ohio - Skyline Restaurant

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KPMH - Portsmouth, Ohio - Skyline Restaurant

Postby CFIRickMiller » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:16 am

Check out Skyline Restaurant at Portsmouth Airport in Southern Ohio.

The restaurant is located in the same building as the FBO and you can get a great view of the ramp and arriving/departing aircraft. Great food - breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu - at very reasonable prices.

Here's a pic taken last Sunday from the flight line. The restaurant is to the left; FBO to the right.

The FBO - Chasteen Aviation - is very helpful. Also, on Sundays only, they offer a serious discount on avgas. Be prepared though - to be eligible for the discount, you have to pay in cash. This Sunday (2 Jan '11) the discount was $1 per gallon.

View from Flightline
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