Cooper's BBQ @ Llano, TX (KAQO) + cheap 100LL!

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Cooper's BBQ @ Llano, TX (KAQO) + cheap 100LL!

Postby JimP » Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:30 pm

Cooper's BBQ is a great place for Texas-style smoked meats. They've got everything from prime rib to sausage (at least 2 kinds), several types of ribs, pork loin, sirloin, and all kinds of other stuff. You pick out your meats, show them how much you want, and then it's weighed and you pay by the pound. Inside, you get free beans (very good!) and can pick from several side orders at reasonable prices. Several desert options, but it's probably smart to forego that option until after you're done with the main course(s), because you can easily succumb to the "eyes bigger than stomach" syndrome!

Airport has a courtesy car, or I've heard you can call the restaurant (phone number is 325-247-5713) and they will send a van to pick you up.

And just to "top things off", Llano Municipal usually offers just about the cheapest fuel around (city run FBO), so you can fill up your airplane's tanks while you fill up your own.
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