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Kansas Touring Stops

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:17 am
by johnmark5
My brother and I are flying a Cherokee around central and also southwestern Kansas. This will be a weeklong "barnstorming" trip. What would you recommend that we stop and see in the Wichita area? Also if you have any recommendations on the area around Liberal and Marysville, that would be great.

Re: Kansas Touring Stops

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:37 pm
by LNSflyer
Give Colby, KS a stop in the NW corner of the state. KCBK

Re: Kansas Touring Stops

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:32 pm
by Dave Higdon
Well, hope this isn''t reaching you too late...if it isn't, consider the Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal, Kans., in Wichita the Kansas Aviation Museum, the Beaumont Hotel in Beaumont, Kan., and Stearman Field in Benton (1K1) airport at Pratt, good casino near the airport in Dodge City, and, finally, near the airport in Hutchinson (HUT) is the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, with the world's largest collection of Soviet space hardware, an SR71 in the lobby, and some authentic examples of the Nazi's flying-bomb projects, V-1 and V-2....

Happy flying....

Re: Kansas Touring Stops

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:21 pm
by WiredforFlight
I just got back from a flight to Kansas (Aug 23-26) for a tweet up at the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center. They have an amazing space exhibit and SR-71 VERY well worth the trip to HUT. HUT also has a good stake house right on the field. We also flew to Stearman Field Bar & Grill on Lloyd Stearman Field Airport 1K1, all I have to say is WOW that made the trip, best airport bar & grill I have been to. We also stopped at the Wichita the Kansas Aviation Museum, it is a great place but horribly under funded. I will have a blog post on that. Being in the heart of aviation land to see its collection in such shape was sad, they do what they can with the $ they have but the big names (Cessna, Boeing, etc.) desperately need to step up.