Beaumont Hotel...

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Beaumont Hotel...

Postby Dave Higdon » Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:54 pm

OK, missed this suggestion when Dave A. posted it back on New Year's Eve...but it's never too late, eh? Thanks for the suggestion Dave A. -- and on your first post, too. :D The Beaumont Hotel in Beaumont, Kan.

Here's a unique place with a real Old West History story behind it: founded in the 1870s because Beaumont was a cattle loading stop for the old Frisco Railroad, the Beaumont Hotel rose and fell on the fortunes of the cattle industry...until year after World War II...the town of Beaumont started to decline with the cattle flow through the pens south of the railroad jerkwater tower -- a historic tower which still stands today.

In 1953, the town (or a hotel owner) cut a 2,600 north-south runway out of the virgin prairie at the town's east edge and that strip remains today. You can literally taxi off the south end of the runway and onto Beaumont's 118th Street, taxi west, up a hill, past the jerkwater tower (after stopping for the intersection, of course) and park on a lot south of the hotel itself. For years, the Beaumont Hotel was were a lot of airplane salesmen took customers for lunch while they were in Wichita to pick up a new plane. And it was a frequent weekend destination for many of the powers in Wichita's aviation community...up until the 1980s and early 1990s, when the hotel closed, changed hands, reopened and closed again several times.

Now it's in the hands of a real hotel company and people who know how to make a boutique place like it work in the long run.

Nice place, comfy rooms, good restaurant, a full bar and regular events to draw out people, including a monthly fly-in breakfast on the second Saturday of each month; the second Sunday, the hotel hosts a motorcycle ride-in, for those so inclined -- and around here, that includes a number of pilots. The Beaumont Hotel's runway has its own 's official designator, SN07, and it should be in your GPS database. If not, you can use the old-fashioned DME/Radial method: 49 nautical off the 086° radial of the Wichita VOR (ICT).

If you want to make a waypoint in your GPS, here are the Latitude and Longitude coordinates:
• N 37 - 39.553
• W96 - 31.652

And it has its own Unicom: 122.9

Definitely unique and worth a stop and an overnight...

Don't let the grass intimidate you or heed sober warnings about pothole or gopher holes on the runway -- the hotel management takes very good care of the strip and it's in the best shape it's been in since we moved here in 1991. And for what it's worth, I've been in and out of there in a Cherokee 140, a Comanche 180, a Mooney M20C, a Cessna 172 and 182, and have seen many a Bonanza and Arrow parked at the hotel. The runway slopes downhill to the south, so landing and launching in typical out-of-the-south Kansas winds is pretty easy -- but you certainly need to heed your skills and comfort level for using a grass strip.

Otherwise, give 'em a ring, make a res, stop in and enjoy...and tell 'em UCAP's former Wichita Eagle aviation reporter sent you...they won't know who you're talking about, but they'll get a kick out of hearing that a little operation like ours knows they exist -- and recommended a visit.

Info is at the Web site:

And a locating tip: There's a large wind-turbine farm a couple of miles southwest of town -- and it's the only town around with a railroad track forming the south east-west border that has a very visible wooden jerkwater tower...the approximately 18/36 runway on the east edge of town has windsocks and edge markers to help you pick it out from the rest of the green prairie around the town.

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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby zeroechoecho » Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:11 pm

Beaumont Hotel....

I made my first trip to the Beaumont Hotel in about 1972 with my father and a friend in his Bonanza. Skip forward about 30 years....

I now fly an R44 helicopter (among other things) and I had taken my wife and kids up to the old hotel a couple of times so they could enjoy the experience. It has always been a bit hard to locate. In the old days you would fly to Wichita and follow the train tracks out of town to the south until you flew over the grass strip and the old water tower. But in the days of GPS you just plug in the coordinates. Right?

So I hadn't been to the Hotel in a few years and a buddy and I were flying around the plains of Kansas. We decided to fly up to the Hotel. I had attempted to enter the location of the Hotel into the Garmin using a distance and radial off the Wichita VOR. I entered the wrong data. So we end up at our point in space that has been programmed into the Garmin and the Hotel is nowhere in sight. We begin flying around looking for the Hotel. Any landmarks would help. The railroad tracks? A highway? We DID pass a wind farm. We had been flying around southern Kansas for at least a half hour when we spot a major highway with giant truck stop. I suggest to my buddy that I land and that HE go inside to ask directions to Beaumont. "No Way!", he exclaims. "YOU go in and ask for directions!" I explain we are burning 16 gph and we NEED to find the place.

Finally we dig out the sectional and notice a new wind farm near the Hotel. We fly about 25 miles back to the wind farm and eventually locate our lunch destination. Moral to the story? Real guys don't ask for directions even if it is costing $100 per hour in 100LL and sometimes nothing beats a good old sectional for determining exactly where you are located! :D

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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby DaveA » Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:45 pm

Do they still serve Rocky Mtn Oysters? :mrgreen: Last time I was there they did...

Also the cherry pie was my family's favorite.

"Powered by 110 octane Algae-Poo..." :mrgreen:

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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby tonycondon » Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:49 pm

I flew down there last weekend in my buddies Flybaby for lunch with some friends. Runway is in OK shape, but a little rough I thought. Could just be me too, the flybaby doesnt have any shock absorption, except the tires. Food was good. I couldnt stay long though as I had to get home before sunset. Still ended up landing short due to sunset. Had a great flight though!

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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby ChrisF16 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:37 pm

Well, I finally took a trip to the Beaumont Hotel last Friday (11/06/09). I took my wife there for a side trip while we were visiting our son in Springfield, MO. As I often do, I kept all of the details of where we were going secret. Her reaction was priceless as I started letting down in the Kansas prairie, dropped the gear, turned downwind, base and final all the while she's swivelling her head and saying "Where's the airport? Where are you landing? Where are you taking me?" Then she really got a kick out of it as I jumped onto 116th street and taxied into town. She must've taken a dozen pictures as I taxied throught that intersection at Main St.

The weather was great, a cool sunny weekend and althought the winds might be considered bad (20020G28KTS) they made it ideal for getting my Mooney 201 into that grass strip. I must've been slowed to taxi speed in <500'. We spent the night and the room couldn't have been nicer. Very clean and comfortable. The hotel is an aviator's dream with the walls covered with signed photos and memorabilia. The next morning on Saturday, we met several pilots who had flown in for breakfast. The wife took dozens more pictures as we walked around the town (the 2400' grass strip although short for an M20J is STILL longer than the whole town!).

This is an aviation "wild west" experience that I can recommend to any flier. Brush up on your soft/short field techniques and GET THERE! Who knows how long the town and hotel (or TSA!!) will continue allow us to land and taxi up to the hotel like this.
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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby Dave Higdon » Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:09 pm

Out-freakin'-standing, Chris!!

Waytogo...and very cool, the way you introduced your bride to this unique little stop between Springfield, Mo. and Wichita...

Glad to hear it was a great experience...and you could even have made Ponca City, Ok., with about 20 minutes in your 201...maybe another time -- both are outstanding diversions for the general aviator...

Good for you -- and thanks for the report...

Hear that folks? Beaumont, Kan., alive, well and boasting runway, restaurant, hotel AND side-door airplane parking :lol: :lol:



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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby PropFan » Thu May 27, 2010 11:29 pm

I hear the Beaumont has shut down because of sewer problems and moved to Abilene, KS just off of I-70. Say it ain't so.

Dave Higdon
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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby Dave Higdon » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:11 pm

Checking on what you've heard, PropFan...will update when they get back to me...


....a couple hours later...

OK, heard back from the folks at the Beaumont Hotel, as follows:


Thank you for your email. I am happy to inform you that we are open...have
been continuously for the past 10 years. The current owner bought and
renovated the hotel in 2000. I am unaware of any sewer problems and no we
have not moved to Abilene, KS.

We do have a Fly in breakfast on the second Saturday of each month; our next
one will be this coming Saturday, June 12th.
We also have a biker buffet on the second Sunday of each month.

Our radio frequency is 122.9 and our identifier is SN07.


Linda Pechin
General Manager

Beaumont Hotel
11651 SE Main Street
Beaumont, KS 67012
Phone: 620-843-2422
Fax: 620-843-2462

There you have, available and worth visiting in Beaumont, KS...

Hope this helps...


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Re: Beaumont Hotel...

Postby PropFan » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:10 am


Thanks for the correction. I was all confused. I was thinking of the Brookeville Hotel (of family-style fried chicken fame) which has, in fact, relocated from Brookeville to Abilene, which will make for a nice day trip from KOJC to K78 for a $100 poultry run!

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