Yak 50 engine failure

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Yak 50 engine failure

Postby gmarshall » Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:20 pm

Don't know the exact story behind this one, the video's been sponsored by the manufacturer of the pilot's watch.

The pilot, Andy Wilson noticed an imminent engine failure with a complete loss of oil pressure. Decided to put it down in a field , and quite dramatically barely clears a stone fence before dropping it onto a somewhat rough field. Looks like he did everything gear up.


Couple of things I don't get:

1) Why did he lose radio contact when the engine died?
2) If the engine is 'seized' why is the prop windmilling, unless there's a reduction drive gearbox that failed?

Otherwise excellent pilotage to put it down safely. Was interesting seeing him doing some s-turns on final, not sure if that was to bleed a little more energy, or perhaps to see what he was gliding towards...

Oh, look at that, Google and you shall find, looks like this happened in April of 2010:


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