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New Ratings

Some members of the UCAP community who have reached some notable milestone in their flying life.

2014-08-26 Howie Marlin, 1B2 Katama, Martha's Vineyard MA, Tail Wheel Endorsement
2014-04-18 Bruce Hill, KRNM, First Flight of my Van's RV-9A
2014-04-08 Tripp Griffin, KBUY, Private Pilot
2014-04-01 Jim G., Seminole-Lake Gliderport, Clermont FL, Private Pilot Glider add-on rating
2014-04-01 Hitry, Fort Worth tx, Passed the PPL written/soloed
2014-03-31 Jack Hodgson, Hidden River Home, Fixed the webpage of fame
2014-03-21 Charles Einarson, United States, Instrument Rating
2014-03-10 Chuck Knuth, Crawford, CO (99V), Commercial SEL
2013-11-02 Josh Wold, KADC, First Solo
2013-11-01 JD Goldstein, Memphis, TN, B-777 Type Rating
2013-08-02 Kevin Whitaker, KROC, Instrument Rating
2013-07-29 Owen Catherwood, Salem, OR, Private Pilot ASEL
2013-07-22 Steven Kruger, KROC, Private Pilot
2013-06-20 John C Ford, KGOK, PPSEL
2013-05-06 Hugh Davies, Arlington, WA, Private (Glider)
2013-04-01 Turbo Ed, Mentone IN, Gyro
2013-03-28 Brian Carlson, KAPF, Tailwheel endorsement
2013-03-22 Dennis McCracken, SNF 2013, 17th consecutive year at SNF
2013-03-21 Ricky Beauchamp (LNSflyer), KLNS, Private Pilot - ASEL
2013-03-15 Mark LaCoste, KAUN, Private Pilot
2013-02-06 Tilman, Berlin, Germany, PPL
2013-01-26 Michael Graziano, KFRG, Private Pilot - ASEL
2012-12-14 Larry Noe, KCDW, Commercial
2012-12-06 Mike Morgan, Fishers, IN (UMP), SEL solo
2012-12-01 Bruce Dickerson, KFFC, Peachtree City, GA, Instrument
2012-12-01 Mike Daniels, Colorado River near Laughlin NV, ASES
2012-11-21 Matt Meredith, Instrument Rating
2012-10-08 Brian Y, 1D2, PP-SEL
2012-09-27 Tom Freeman, East Hill Flying Club Ithaca NY, Private Pilot ASEL
2012-09-21 Lee Zehmer, Lexington, NC, Private Pilot Certificate
2012-09-12 Landis Bennett, KSLC, Airline Transport Pilot
2012-09-10 John Sloan, Waterloo, Ia, Commercial Single and Multi
2012-08-31 Sam Wiltzius, KATW, Complex endorsement
2012-08-28 Alex Hemsath, KSGR, Private Pilot, ASEL
2012-08-28 Charley Shumaker, Xenia, OH, CFI
2012-08-11 Eric Tallberg, KASH, Ground Instructor (Inst& Adv)
2012-08-10 Alexander Volberding, Crystal Airport- MIC, Private Pilot
2012-08-10 Alex Volberding, KMIC, Private Pilot SEL
2012-08-03 Roger Hamilton, U42, Tailwheel Endorsement
2012-07-30 Nicholas Montei, Wisconsin, Purchased a 1978 Cherokee 6-300
2012-07-14 David Londal, KVLL, Initial Instrument
2012-07-12 Steve Tupper, KOZW, Commercial Pilot (Glider)
2012-07-10 Mitch Matheny, Seminole Lake Gliderport, Glider Rating
2012-07-07 Grant McHerron, Mildura, Australia, Private Pilot (Balloon)
2012-06-17 Neil Bradon, Phoenix, Arizona, PPL ASEL
2012-06-10 Dan Sundt, Brandywine Airport KOQN, Rotorcraft Helicopter
2012-05-20 Eric tallberg, Nashua, NH, IFR
2012-05-15 Don Peven, KPTK, Instrument
2012-05-07 NVogie, KGGG, Tailwheel Certificate
2012-05-05 Sue Folkringa (Comanche Sue), Homestead, FL (X51), Commercial Glider
2012-04-25 Charles Einarson, Anchorage, AK (PAMR), Private Pilot - ASEL
2012-04-23 David Back, KSUW, Private
2012-04-20 Eric Tallberg, Relocated from Reno to Nashua - United States, New Piper Warrior owner (KASH)
2012-04-20 Tilman, Berlin, Germany, Private Pilot (PPL-A nat.)
2012-04-17 Patricia Storm, Marshall, MO (KMHL), Private Pilot ASEL
2012-04-14 Paul D Pilipshen II, KHWV, Tailwheel Endorsement
2012-04-06 Andrew (ARflyer), M89, Instrument Rating
2012-04-05 Brad Koehn, In the Pattern Podcast, KANE, appropriately enough, Instrument Rating
2012-04-02 Emil Almestad, Stockholm (Arlanda ESSA), Multi Crew Co-operation
2012-03-28 Roy Brewer, Winter Haven, Florida, Seaplane
2012-03-25 Jim G, KGIF: Winter Haven, FL, Tailwheel
2012-03-22 Nicholas Montei, 48D, Instrument
2012-03-22 David Fill, Richmond International KRIC, Commercial Multi Engine Addon
2012-03-14 Tony Fletcher, KHEF, Manassas VA, ASEL
2012-03-11 Doug Fortnam, KASH, CFII
2012-02-29 Rickey Roach, KDLZ, Officially a Student Pilot
2012-02-21 Dave Grindstaff, Concord, NC, Instrument
2012-02-09 Emil Almestad, Norrkping/Kungsngen (ESSP), JAA CPL with ME & IR
2012-02-08 Stefan Ballmer, KSYR, Inital CFI
2012-01-29 Ed Bitter, Wallis, TX, Glider Category Add-on to Private ASEL
2012-01-13 NVogie, KGGG, Private Pilot ASEL
2012-01-13 Paul Jaffray, Toledo Ohio, U. S. Citizen
2011-11-14 Matt Kunkel, KVBT, Instrument Rating - Airplane
2011-11-05 Eliot Danner, KJYO, Baron 55 Purchase
2011-10-17 Tim Howard, Canada, CPL M/IFR Sealpane
2011-10-08 Mike Hart, ID87 Rainbow Ranch, Taildragger Endorsement
2011-10-05 Ron Klutts, Palo Alto, CA, Instrument Instructor
2011-09-29 Michael gilliam, Festus mo, IFR
2011-09-27 David Fill, KRMN - Stafford Regional, Instrument
2011-09-25 Chris Holub, KDVT, ASEL
2011-09-20 Neil Bradon (pilot_ngb), EIWT, Ireland, First Solo
2011-09-03 Comanche Sue, Homestead, FL, Glider Solo
2011-09-01 Mitch Matheny, Jack Brown's Seaplane Base, Aircraft Single Engine Sea
2011-08-29 David Klein, AcroCamp 2 - Ray, MI, Tailwheel Endorsement
2011-08-25 David Back, Superior Wisconsin, 2nd First Solo, (going for Private after 24 years since first solo)
2011-08-20 Paul D Pilipshen II, KHWV, Commercial Glider
2011-08-17 Tom Freeman, KITH (Ithaca NY), Sport Pilot ASEL
2011-08-14 Paul Di Bernardo, Lockport, IL, Private Pilot
2011-08-14 Paul Di Bernardo, KLOT Romeoville IL, Private Pilot SEL
2011-08-12 Bob Kartman, KSMD- Smith Field Air Service, Fort Wayne, IN, Private Pilot
2011-08-09 Frank Hugelman, Oklahoma City, OK, Certified Flight Instructor
2011-08-06 Kelly Jay Holford, Sturtevant, WI (C89), Private Pilot
2011-07-24 John C Ford, KCHK, First Solo
2011-07-24 Dennis McCracken, Browns Seaplane Base, seaplane rating
2011-07-22 Kevin Whitaker, KROC, Private Pilot
2011-07-20 Scott Tabe, North Central Airpot SFZ, Private Pilot
2011-07-02 Patricia Storm, West Plains, MO (KUNO), new owner - Tomahawk N469RA
2011-06-27 Ron Klutts, Palo Alto, CA, Certified Flight Instructor
2011-06-26 Mark Carter, Houston - KIWS, Private Pilot ASEL
2011-06-25 Adam Salvo, KMSN, Private Pilot
2011-06-07 Emil Almestad, Stockholm, Sweden, JAA ATPL(A) Theoretical Pass
2011-06-04 Paul D Pilipshen II, KISP, CFI-I Airplane
2011-05-31 Douglas Hensley, Ellington Field (Houston Texas), Part 135.293 and 135.299 Helicopter
2011-05-31 Keith Landra, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Recreational Pilot Permit (Canada)
2011-03-05 Paul D Pilipshen II, KISP, Commercial Multi-Engine Airplane
2011-02-11 Patricia Storm, West Plains, MO (KUNO), 1st Solo in own plane
2011-01-22 Ann Sederquist, KMSN, Private Pilot
2011-01-16 John Conway, KMTN, Private Pilot
2010-12-22 Paul D Pilipshen II, KHPN, CFI Airplane
2010-10-22 Ricky Beauchamp (LNSflyer), KLNS, First Solo
2010-08-12 GypsyRahz, PPSEL
2010-07-20 Mike Daniels, Las Vegas, NV (VGT), Private Pilot
2010-07-13 soakingpilot, Commercial SEL with Instrument Privelages
2010-06-21 "k y", First Solo
2010-06-08 LeRoy Froom, Tipton Airport, Ft. Meade, Maryland (FME), IFR
2010-05-24 Jim Rodriguez, AcroCamp, Pontiac Michigan, Tailwheel and Spin Endorsements
2010-05-23 Tom T, RV7 First Flight
2010-05-04 DCFlyer, First Solo
2010-05-03 Flyer333 aka Fahad, OERB, PPSEL
2010-02-18 @flyer333, Resumed flight training
2010-01-20 HJ Fontenot, KADS, Sport Pilot ASEL
2010-01-16 TrevDog, Sheble Aviation in Fort Mohave, Land and Sea Commercial Pilot
2010-01-01 Matt E aka "Meeverett", KTYS, Knoxville, TN, Private Pilot
2009-12-30 C. Turner, Spring TX, COMM AMEL
2009-11-23 Derek VanDam, Michigan?, Private Pilot
2009-11-16 Kent Vidrine, KFME, Private Pilot
2009-11-13 Damian Rose, Australia, First Solo
2009-11-09 Matt aka "flydcy", ???, Private Pilot
2009-11-05 "PilotGreg", CFI
2009-11-02 Jeff Ward, Florida, Seaplane
2009-10-25 J. Eiting, Columbus OH, Private Pilot
2009-10-09 "FranSan", Dover NH/Sanford ME, First Solo
2009-10-01 Paul D Pilipshen II, KISP, Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land
2009-09-13 Bill Rote, Private Pilot
2009-09-12 Clark Sprinkel, Sport Pilot
2009-09-07 Robert Cigliano, KHWV, First Passenger
2009-08-16 Rick Marriner, Private Pilot
2009-07-25 Jeb Burnside, Cadillac MI, Seaplane
2009-07-18 "PropFan", Kansas, Private Pilot
2009-05-30 "IdahoMike", Idaho, First-time aircraft owner
2009-05-10 Stephen Tupper, Traverse City, MI, Seaplane
2009-03-29 Randy Babbitt, Washington DC, FAA Administrator
2009-02-07 Paul D Pilipshen II, KFRG, Instrument Airplane
2008-12-14 "Greatblue", East Tennessee, Private Pilot
2008-08-25 Paul D Pilipshen II, KFRG, Private Pilot Single Engine Land
2008-07-20 Andrew B, KGHG, Private Pilot
2006-04-20 Ian Maddox, Seattle, WA, Private Pilot SEL