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"Share Your Passion" UCAP007

On Uncontrolled Airspace #7, Dave, Jeb and Jack welcome Amy Laboda to the virtual hangar. Amy is the Editor in Chief of "Aviation for Women" Magazine, and is joining us on the podcast for the first time. Dave is the guest on the current edition of the Airspeed podcast. We talk about some of the highlights from the recent AOPA Expo. The importance, and satisfaction, of being a pilot mentor as part of AOPA's Project Pilot program. Overall the state of the GA nation appears to be very good, but we're still very concerned about user fees and the future of FAA funding. A wing-rock to the pilot who executed a successful forced landing in a NYC park. FAA is considering a new policy for how they do the maintenance on their equipment, and we don't like it much. EAA Chapter 225 in Rochester NH has a successful Young Eagles Rally. We talk about what's made the YE program so important. Eclipse has a blip in their test fleet. Jeb's about to get up-close-and-personal with the Honda Jet and next time he'll report to us on that. And we wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Posted: 2006-11-19 | Recorded: 2006-11-19

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