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"A Whole Lot of Plethora" UCAP011

The UCAP gang weigh-in on some of the most notable GA stories from 2006, and how we think they'll play-out in 2007. Fallout from the Brazilian midair. The impact on GA, good and bad, of the dramatic changes from the U.S. midterm elections. FAA funding has been a big story in 2006 and will get only bigger in '07. The GA market is thriving, and that's awesome, but what are the safety challenges of that? Light Sport Aircraft really took off in 2006. Very Light Jets could have been the biggest story in 2006, but they weren't. We also list some things to watch for in 2007.

Posted: 2006-12-31 | Recorded: 2006-12-31

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Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, James Wynbrandt Jack Hodgson

2006 GA News in Review

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