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"Just Your Basic FLIB" UCAP043

Neither rain nor sleet, nor the great Skype outage of 2007 will keep us from eventually making our weekly visit to the virtual hangar. Stifling a few yawns, the UCAP gang stayed up past their normal bedtimes, a day late, to catch up on the latest GA news and gossip. We get an update on Randy's annual... we wax philosophical about how even the best forced landing can go awry... and we spend a lot of time solving the problem of the decreasing pilot population. All this and more, on Uncontrolled Airspace, Episode #43 "Just Your Basic FLIB"

Posted: 2007-08-20 | Recorded: 2007-08-17

"Just Your Basic FLIB" UCAP043

Recorded: Aug 17, 2007
Length: 1:16:40

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