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"Be Like Jeb" UCAP1085

Guest Host: Steve Tupper. Warm Cockles... It's all how you look at it.... Tupper on the 737 Door Blowout... The Pilot's Legal Guide... ATP Tomahawk... Stuck in the Mud... Phillips 66 Suspends Unleaded Avgas Testing... Boeing defect of the week... 737 Inspections continue... More on cockpit doors popping open... If ATC tells you to go is it OK?... Netjets Retirement Age. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast. Recorded Jan 18, 2024. (1:05:12) [#724] {21}

Posted: 2024-02-08 | Recorded: 2024-01-18

"Be Like Jeb" UCAP1085

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