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"Three For The Show, Two For The Go" UCAP176

The boys discuss a rash of stupid pilot tricks... the possible reincarnation of a legend... and the virtues of having only one prop blade. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace, Episode #176 "Three For The Show, Two For The Go" Recorded: Mar 19, 2010

Posted: 2010-03-28 | Recorded: 2010-03-19

Lots of Wet Flying Fun (OK, tethered sorta-flying fun) JetLev Promo video on YouTube

Intros and Chit-Chat

FAA Investigates low-flying plane - Houston News - ABC13 story

"Pedestrian" killed on Hilton Head beach during emergency landing

"Save a Concorde" - Group wants to restore a BA Concorde for flight

Bird Strike! YouTube video of 757 that hit birds during takeoff

Emergency Landing in Arkansas River

CWSU National METAR map from NOAA NWS site

Runway Roulette: ASRS Incident from Callback #362

(Not Really) Looping a parachute

Shout Outs

UCAP World Headquarters on the move!

Guest Disclaimer: Michael Clark

UCAP Theme: "Sledgeflattener", Thomas Dolby

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