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Uncontrolled Airspace
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"This Was Recorded When!?" UCAP432

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Recorded: 2016-06-24
Posted: 2017-06-20

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Lost episode. Originally recorded in the summer of 2016. Cockpit voice recorder found 30 years later... Dave's Sonex build progress report... Jeb got a new rating!... Cold weather flying adventure... Martin Mars Water Bomber to visit OSH16... OFLotW... Tera Fugia Transition making progress... e-Go aircraft... FAA gets crazy about what you can use your hangar for: Building an airplane... OFLOTW Autobahn... OFLOTW 81 year old lands on glacier... SHOUTOUTS: Comanche Sue is appointed to Florida Aviation Business Association... Jeb thanks John Collins of Winter Haven FL for the ATP training... A UCAP Uncontrolled Airspace. Recorded June 24, 2016.

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Posted: 2017-06-20

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