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Jeb Burnside, Co-Host/Founder
Jeb is a freelance journalist currently serving as the Managing Editor of Aviation Safety Magazine. He's based somewhere near Sarasota Florida.
Dave Higdon, Co-Host/Founder
Dave Higdon is a freelance photographer and 26-year veteran of aviation journalism. He currently serves as the North American Editor for World Aircraft Sales in London.
Jack Hodgson, Producer/Co-Host/Founder
Jack is a new media producer, writer, web-developer based in southern New Hampshire. In addition to UCAP Jack covers the world of General Aviation at his site He's been flying since 1989. His website:

James Wynbrandt, Co-Host
Amy Laboda, Co-Host

Jeff Ward, Producer/Shownotes Editor

Mike Morgan, Audio Contributor
Royce Ehrle, Audio Contributor
Jim Goldman, Sponsor