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OSH11 recap video

There are lots of these out there. This is just one I came across today. Two things of note: The very first airplane in the video touches down, then appears to bounce just as the video cuts away. I want to see the rest of that landing(s). 2nd: The Boeing Dreamliner landed with its nose [...]

UCAP Daily EXTRA! #244-juliet “Rock Your Wings”

Sunday Morning, July 31. UCAP Daily EXTRA. Guests: James Wynbrandt & Ric Reynolds. A segment omitted from UCAP 247 for technical reasons. James & Ric perform “Rock Your Wings” Recorded July 31, 2011 Direct link to mp3 audio file of show (right-click to download/save). Photo: Phil Weston

UCAP Daily #244-india “Headed Home”

Monday Morning, August 1. From the EAA Weeks Hangar. Beside Jeb’s plane as he and Dave prepare to launch for the south, and Jack is soon to begin his long drive home. Recorded Monday, August 1, 2011 Direct link to mp3 audio file of show (right-click to download/save). (NOTE: The pic is actually Jeb & [...]

UCAP #247 “Then a Step to the Right”

Sunday, July 31, 2011. Live from the AirVenture Flightline. Guests: Hal & Sandy Shevers of Sporty’s Pilot Shop, James Wynbrandt, Randy Dufault, Ric Reynolds. Recorded: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 09:30:00 -0500 Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, James Wynbrandt, Hal & Sandy Shevers, Ric Reynolds, Randy Dufault, Jack Hodgson Direct link to mp3 audio file of show (right-click to download/save).

UCAP Daily #244-hotel “For Real Binoculars”

Saturday Evening, July 30. From a Thai restaurant in Oshkosh. Guests: The Gang from the “Plane Crazy Down Under” podcast, Grant McHerron, Steve Visscher, & Bas Scheffers. Recorded Saturday July 30, 2011 Direct link for mp3 audio file of show (right-click to download/save).

Dreamliner takeoff with wing rock.

Here’s a nice video of the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” taking off from AirVenture Oshkosh 2011. My favorite moment is when it rocks its wings to the crowd just after lifting off.

New unit of time

UCAP #244-golf “Fore!”

Saturday Morning, July 30. From the convention grounds near the legendary brown arch. The Boeing Dreamliner, Meet the Administrator, and Noah’s Ark. Recorded Saturday Morning, July 30, 2011. Direct link to audio of episode.

UCAP #244-foxtrot “Surly Beer?”

Thursday, July 28. From the 2nd annual UCAP beer bash, we visit with a bunch of listeners and talk about strange beers, shortened Air Force careers, and more. Recorded Thursday July 28, 2011. Direct link to mp3 audio file of show (right-click to download/save). UPDATE: The “direct link” was broken there for a bit, but [...]

Ice Chest Malfunction

We had a really great time meeting listeners last evening at the 2nd annual UCAP beer bash. Part way through the evening we suffered a near tragedy, seen below. No worries, there were no fatalities. Photo: Randy Dufault